Speculation Day 8 – What the Accident Part II

Woot woot! It’s been a while since I’ve written a speculation post. Once my modem went dead and I couldn’t, another two times I was just bored because there wasn’t much to speculate on. This time I’m still annoyed and confused, but I’ll try to write something to explain how I feel about certain issues.

What I’m going to talk about in this post, is episode 5.10 and the 100th episode. Yes, I said it was too early to talk about it but now that they are trying to bribe us into watching it with that bad promotion, I feel like discussing it.

I don’t know if I’ll make any sense. For the first time since this season has started, I feel utterly confused and I can’t wait for Monday to see what is going to happen.

1. Various questions on episode 5.10

The first question that pops into my mind thinking about next week, is: will Chuck and Blair get in an accident?

If you’ve read my past speculation posts, you’d see how much I called the accident would occur in this episode as a projection/opposition of the Season Premiere. To remind you in case you forgot (lol it’s been so close in time to forget! XD) in 5.01 Chuck got in a mini-accident that gave him a big bruise on his torso. Blair wanted to call off her engagement because Louis wouldn’t stand up to his mother and goes to Dan so he can “Take her there”, we find out Blair is pregnant.

The promo is really misleading.

We see Nate yelling at someone then a wrecked car. Chuck and Blair are in a limo. I have no idea if Nate is in a limo too, what is sure and we can see it from the promo is that three motorcyclist are next to the car/limo and may be the ones provoking the accident (there’s also a cap of the wrecked car and the 3 riders behind it).

Apparently it’s either Nate or Chuck/Blair.

The things are two: when they filmed at the hospital just one month ago, we saw Blake, Ed and Leighton. Rumors said Penn was there too but there were pics of that day of him and his girlfriend and never of him on set, so I have no idea if he was really there or not. Matthew and Kelly were also there. The only “missing” people were Chace and Kaylee, but considering the promo and Lily hugging Charlie, Kaylee was also there too.Ed and Leighton came with hoodies on and tried to be undercover, while Blake had clearly her dress from the 5.10 stills under her black robe.

What if is Nate?

The second thing is that in the part of the Canadian Promo where Nate screams something, seems as if there are lights behind him that may obviously be the three motorcyclist, hence Nate is getting in an accident and could explain Charlie being there? Not that she wouldn’t be there if Chuck/Blair got in an accident, but I do think Charlie has a sorta fling for Nate and she would be more worried for him than for CB because she doesn’t know CB much while she had the time to at least get to know Nate better.

In the last frame of the Canadian we see Nate yelling and it seems as if he’s seeing something in front of his car/limo > CB getting in an accident, perhaps. Or something behind him = What I see is a kind of light (the people should be on motorcycles) behind him. What I thought is that if Nate is in the same scene as CB and sees it all, how can he since he’s in a limo and it’s a long long vehicle? That is why it could be possible the motorcycles may be behind him, he sees the lights from the seat behind. Unless Nate is in a common town car, of course and sees what happens to CB from his car. In the scene where they focused on the wrecked car, you can see the 3 motorcycles in the bg, so of course they cause the accident. So it is totally possible Nate is getting in an accident. I wouldn’t put it aside. They could have trolled us with EL at the hospital while the real one getting in an accident was Nate. Didn’t the GGWriters say that Diana would reappear in a weird way? Uhm.

So, I gave you another option.

What if it’s Chuck and Blair?

Well, that may cause many things and drama. If Chuck and Blair get in an accident, she may lose her baby as a spoiler says. (Only that she’ll lose the baby, not the accident part). I took that as a grain of salt because it was a simple phrase. I usually wait and see to judge. I don’t want to freak out and speculate over something that is not sure yet.

What if it’s Chuck and Blair, then. Another reason to keep them apart.

I think Blair may blame herself and her pointing out she brought out Chuck’s dark, and that dark has covered them all. Baby included whether it’s Louis’ or Chuck’s. I think she and him could believe they aren’t meant to be. Blair above all, because she is more likely to believe in accidents as a way to demonstrate that something is doomed.

Is like I cut my finger by picking up a book for two times. The third time I handle the book carefully because I am scared I may cut my finger with the paper again (it happened, and I was about to faint because of the blood but that is another story *lol*). Blair is doing the same. She understood as we see in the vid, that she wants Chuck and has always wanted him. She is now trying to trust him because let’s face it, this new changed Chuck is someone you can trust.

It wouldn’t be neither Chuck’s or Blair’s fault. An accident is fate, tragedy.

I don’t think Blair’s trust in Chuck would be shaken by the accident if it happens, what would be shaken would be her guilt over her choice. IF she’ll lose the baby the burden to carry would be even more tough. She would think they are not meant to be together because she has brought darkness over them all and that is why destiny chose to punish them.

Why would Blair get back with Louis?

Well, I said it. She would think the accident is proof that she and Chuck aren’t meant to be. If the baby dies then she could also think she was punished for not telling him the baby was his? But what if the baby isn’t Chuck’s?

– she would get with Louis because she would feel she owes him that after she lost their baby.
– she would get with Louis because she is afraid at this point that she may harm other people, Louis in her opinion is already damaged (well Louis is INDEED  damaged but he damaged himself).

What if the baby is Chuck’s? What other reasons would make Blair get back with Louis?

– she would think she doesn’t want to “harm” Chuck with the darkness she thinks she brings.
– she wouldn’t want him to mourn the death of another member of a future family he could have had with her.
– she would think if she does confess the baby was his, he may not want her anymore.

“I thought you didn’t love me anymore. That it didn’t care if I lived or died.”

So yeah peeps, that is it. But there’s a good thing.

In the promo we see Chuck tell her “I don’t care if the baby it’s Louis’, you should be with me.” This is a great act. Shows how Chuck would be willing to be with Blair even if Blair’s baby isn’t his. The old Chuck wouldn’t probably fully accept this, but the slowly redeemed Chuck is more tolerant. This would show Blair that Chuck cares for fatherhood. She can’t forget how much he wanted to have a family of his own and she told him she was his family.

When the heck we’ll be finding out who is the father of Blair’s baby?

You know, this is a torn answer. I am confused, because in the scene I mentioned from the promo, it is likely that Blair may confess the truth to Chuck, but she wouldn’t too. We don’t know.

If the baby turns out to be Louis’ and she loses it, then Chuck would be just sorry for her and perhaps for letting her run away with him. I just hope they don’t have regrets in the end.

If the baby turns out to be Chuck’s and it dies and Chuck knows it now, he may be trying to comfort Blair at some point. He would be sad too that his possible heir is lost forever.

But the baby could also survive, you know. (I hope it does).

– if the baby is Louis’s and survives, Blair could go on with her wedding because she thinks she has to as a due to her fiance and the baby of her future husband.
– if the baby it’s Chuck’s and survives, Blair could go on with her wedding because she would think it is the better thing to do, to go against her desires of Chuck. But perhaps Chuck wouldn’t be fond of this choice because I think he would fight for his baby.

What if paternity isn’t revealed in 5.10?

I say, wait for episode 5.13. I think the 100th holds certain things that may be good for us, and would explain better than the other options I wrote, why Blair would go on with her wedding. She would be the only one to know Chuck is the father. She would avoid to tell him after the accident because she would know he would fight for this baby, and she doesn’t want him to because she may came to believe they can’t be together.

So whether the baby is lost or alive, she may confess the whole truth in this episode, or Georgina will do it since you know in 3.05 she congratulates RL saying that Scott was their son, and in 3.03 Scott pretends not to be their son! lol. (Actually for 10 episodes since 2.15 Scott’s adoptive parents make Rufus and Lily believe their son was dead). And to add more to the mix, Rufus finds out he has had a son with Lily in episode 2.13… parallels anyone?


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29 thoughts on “Speculation Day 8 – What the Accident Part II

  1. sarah says:

    They love their parallels so I expect what you said to happen. Also instead of Blair pushing Chuck away I read some where it could be Chuck pushing Blair away if the accident happens to them.

    Love Chuck wants Blair to be happy but I just want them both to be happy.

    The writers are determined to torture us and Chuck/Blair too!

  2. maddtown says:

    I love your specs. They’re so uplifting and insightful and I always hope and pray that your specs hold true for the actual show. I’ll be doing that this week as well.

    I’m usually very optimistic when it comes to Chair’s storylines (for some bizarre reason), and I will be crossing everything crossable on my body (eyes included) that this is a misleading promo and Nate is actually the one in the car accident, but I have to admit that there is quite a bit of evidence that suggests that Chair will be the ones to crash. 😦 I’m not going to get down about it, but I’m steeling myself for this likelihood in advance.

    1) The allusions to Princess Diana. Months ago, Blair was seen wearing an orange coat that looks like a remake of Diana’s, and even then everyone speculated that it meant Blair would be in a car accident. Well, this accident looks like a replica of Princess Di’s tragic car crash, complete with Paparazzi and a dark winding road in substitution of a dark tunnel; to make matters worse, Blair is wearing that orange, “Princes Diana” coat in the photo in the newspaper, so the connection is not incidental and it is most definitely related to the events of this episode in particular.


    I think the newspaper that Nate and Chuck are commenting on is meant to show that Blair has captured the interest of the Paps on a new level. She would get tons of media attention as a would-be royal as it is, but we all know how the industry works, and if there’s even a hint of trouble in paradise then the Paparazzi would be all over Blair like a pack of ravenous dogs (take Demi and Ashton’s relationship drama or even Kim 72-days Kardashian’s recent fame-whoring comeback. We eat up celebrity heartbreak). Any pap would want to be the first to unveil not only a royal break-up, but also the possibility of a scandalous love-affair with another pseudo-celebrity. i.e. Chuck Bass. If the Paps are already watching Blair and they see her leaving with her infamous ex, they would have every reason to get crazy trying to be the first to leak the story.

    Nate might work for the spectator, but I’m not sure there’s a plausible reason for why he would have the Paps after him…after all, he IS the Paps now, and let’s be honest, he’s not the most interesting character around. He’s also been especially straight-laced lately and i can’t imagine he’s suddenly going to become so insanely interesting that everyone in New York will want to know what he’s up to.

    2) This Chair reunion is just too easy. It’s romantic, it’s delightfully sweet, and it makes us squeal in happiness, which is precisely what makes me picture the writers cackling gleefully behind their Twitter account on Monday night as they wait for the moment they know will crush our little shipper hearts. Nothing is given to Chair fans easily…I suspect this won’t be an exception to the rule.

    3) As much as I want to believe in a bait-and-switch Chair wedding for 5.13, I believe Blair WILL return to Louis and she will get very close to (if not actually) marrying him. I can entertain the prospect of a crazy, last-minute groom switch for the 100th epi, but they won’t give us Chair in the lead-up two episodes if that’s the case. It would ruin any shock factor for an impromptu Chair wedding if they were together from now until then. That means that Chair cannot and will not be together and Louis-free for 2 more eps, at least.

    Which brings me to my reasoning for why it probably isn’t Nate that is hit/hurt. Chair need to break up again (after their 0.5 second reunion) in order to make sure Blair gets to the 100th episode engaged to Louis. If Nate is struck, Chair will be sad, but I don’t think they would break up over it. Unless they decide that their love hurts the people they love as well as themselves, or something equally silly. It’s possible, but it would be easier to have them come to that realization by just having them get hit themselves and Blair to lose her baby.

    4) We need to account for a time jump and I think we all pretty much agree that the only reason for one would be something surrounding the circumstances of the baby. Whether Blair delivers a premie Baby Bass or miscarries, something will have to happen to her and the baby to facilitate a time jump. 😦

    Hmm, for such a self-professed optimist, my specs are pretty depressing. I’m going to hope that I’m wrong about all of the above and that the Princess Di connection especially is a red herring, but, just in case, I’m going to focus my excitement on the Chair journey and not on this [temporary] reunion next week.

    • maddtown says:

      On a brighter note, did we all catch the “Humphrey, I don’t want to play hide and seek right now” from the Canadian promo? Dan is so not anything more than the “gay-best-friend” figure to Blair and he is indeed the one bringing Chuck and Blair together. I think even Dan understands the concept of endgame. Penn certainly does. 🙂

    • teeting says:

      I’m pretty convinced it’s a Chair accident too, But I’m not obsessing too much over it because their “0.5 reunion” will be beautiful and mean so much to us Chairios. How long have we been waiting to hear Blair say she’s always wanted Chuck and she loves him? Too damn long! I’m focusing as much as I can on this. To me this screams ENDGAME! Maybe not soon, but inevitably. I’ve always doubted that the BL wedding would turn into a Chair wedding, but I’d be more than happy to be wrong! I just think it’ll be farther away. They won’t give us this much this soon; we have the second whole half of a season for a proper reunion.

      We must be switching roles cos I’m ever the pessimist (especially considering GG writers) but since the last eppy and the promo, I’m feeling optimistic 🙂

      “i can’t imagine he’s suddenly going to become so insanely interesting that everyone in New York will want to know what he’s up to.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I nearly snorted tea all over my screen at this; TOO funny and very accurate. Poor Naty.

  3. Grace says:

    I’m also a little bit confused and hoping that our questions are answered in the next Monday episode.Otherwise, 100th episode or maybe Season Finale (yes, it’s too early to talk about the Season Finale but it’s a possibility that can not be ruled out).
    I still hope to be positively surprised by the writers, despite my feelings about what is happening this season is part of my worst predictions so far but the best thing to do is keep the faith, wait and see and stay on the bubble.

  4. teeting says:

    Thank you for your spec, as usual, great job and thanks for giving me even more to ponder 😉 Love the parallels you bring up btw. I think I could listen to you go on and on about them; very interesting and surprising how many of them there are! Kudos 🙂

  5. GFF says:

    Wow, really good specs here. You pretty much covered everything I had doubts over. So points of interest…

    >In the promo of Lily being really upset and Charlie comforting her kind of has Cece written all of it because we know of her cancer and it would be Charlie to be concerned as she has been getting closer to her ‘grandma’ recently.

    >Actress playing Elanore had slip that Leighton “had to turn up to work to find out that, you know, she had lost the baby”. Very sad but the most likely reason this happens is the car crash CB get into.
    >I’ve been saying on here that I was 100% positive Chuck is revealed to be the father next episode but damn ggwriters have me questioning myself. Josh Safran did say we would get a definite “cemented” answer as to the paternity but I don’t know if he was referring to Chuck’s line of “I don’t care if Louis is the father of your baby” as enough confirmation of this!!! Gah I don’t know!!!! But the cemented answer must reveal in next episode for sure because we are told we find out the real baby daddy in the FIRST HALF of the season.
    >The thing is that Blair actually going ahead with the wedding still suggests that Louis is the father all along. If Louis found out that Chuck is in fact the dad would he really want to proceed marrying Blair? Would he really pass off a Bass heir as his royal son? No. The royals pride on true bloodlines for the future rulers of Monaco.

    Is Monday here yet????!!??

  6. mohammad says:

    i think the part balir is say “all i want is you…i love u” is a twist. i think what blair is telling chuck is all i wanted in the past from u was saying that. and now everything is changed . but the kiss ??? that is what i cant understand because the guilt and darkness thought is not for Blair being with Louis cause Bliar always wanted to be happy not run from something in the prom night she easily broke up with Nate because the feeling wasn’t right. and in paris she convinced chuck to not run away because her world isn’t her world without chuck
    all i think is just the stupid dair thing, it’s thier only plan for keeping story up for the reaming episode.
    sorry the show will have season 6 ?

    • maddtown says:

      Well, season 6 hasn’t been confirmed but the writers have said twice now that they are planning for a season 6 and are confident they will get one. Apparently no one from the network has asked them to wrap things up, so they’re taking that as a good sign.

      As for next episode, I think she really is confessing that she’s always loved Chuck and wants to be with him. I think they’re going to find some other way to keep them in love but apart now…like the car crash.

      Now, I’ve been saying this from the start and I’ve been called delusional by Chair fans and Dair fans alike, but I have yet to change my mind on this issue and I hope I never will: I don’t think they’ll do Dair. Not romantically at any rate.

      I think the show will keep hinting at things, but they’ve NEVER given Dair a foundation stronger than friendship, and for a supposed pairing that has been in the works for 4 seasons, there has been little romantic progression and even then it’s been one-sided. When that happened with Chair the fandom BLEW UP and the whole show became about Chuck and Blair’s denied feelings. Dair is not and never will be at that level and I, personally, believe the writers know it. They are mean, but they aren’t stupid.

      Blair has never even shown an iota of interest in Dan. Even the kiss was Dan’s idea. You’re telling me that if there wasn’t a bit of chemistry worth running with between Dan and Blair they wouldn’t have already gone there? I don’t buy it. I think the writers know just as well as the majority of their fans do that Dan and Blair would never work as anything more than friends/verbal sparring partners.

      Besides, they’ve been hinting at a Dan and Serena reunion with the whole “you were the love of my life” stuff and I think they’ll end up going in that direction. They’ll string Dair fans a long just a little bit longer by having Dan be torn, I’m sure, but he’ll choose Serena because it’s the only thing that makes sense to anyone who watched season 1 of the show.

      That’s just my 2 cents worth…for what it’s worth…

      • mohammad says:

        you are right about many things but i think Dan and Blair will be romantically involved cause if they let Blair break up with Louis and not go to Dan she must be with chuck because “he is all she wanted” and chuck is there waiting so there isn’t any reason that they shouldn’t be together and the remaining episodes would be chair and in the end they break up for next season (so they could run story on their relationship and of course their love) and that is a repeating and boring story for GG so they have to let Dair happen for sake of show and in the Season finale they bring back chuck and Blair together, in the last 4 seasons in the season finale the chuck and Blair was together and the witters will keep their way for bringing next season to us a strong love between chuck and Blair

  7. strawberriesandtiaras says:

    Me too, I think that the promo is misleading. Very propably we don´t get what we see or what we expect to get.

  8. Annalino says:

    wooooooa im impressed! thank you for those speculations,im so confused myself that i don’t find my words to explain it LOL

    I agree with Teeting,i want to focus on monday’s episode,Leighton and Ed will burn the screen with their incredible chemistry.Im expecting amazing dialogues and i hope their scene in the limo won’t be short,we didn’t got enough chair interaction lately.

  9. Missy says:

    In an interview the producers said we would find out 100 percent who the father is.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The “problem” now is whether will be revealed in the next episode, or 5.13. I want to know now, but since the baby will probably be gone I don’t know if it’s important anymore.

      • Missy says:

        Which is upsetting because if the baby is not Chucks..why have her pregnant ? What arc would this be in the show? They barley even talked about it..

  10. Joana says:

    ok. But there’s another thing that came in to my head: Imagins if this is what happens: U know that on the promo Louis is back and he tells serena “I JUST WANT B BACK” right?

    – what if chuck and blair are making up at the limo and louis fgind out they’re together and goes after them and has a car accident? B would feel really guilty and she would come back foi him. and what if louis finds out they’re together and sends someone to provoque the accident? hum?

    • maddtown says:

      Hmm, yeah. I could go for that. If Louis gets hurt Blair probably wouldn’t want to send him a “Hope you feel better and find someone else to marry” card. :/

  11. Chair Love says:

    louis is behind it i can feel it in my CHAIR bones and b will find out at the wedding and ditch his ass ! lol well i hope so

  12. ESmith says:

    Great speculations!!
    My crazy theory on what happens to keep Chuck and Blair apart…well it might be too daytime soap opera but i cant help but think:
    It is Chuck and Blair who get in the car accident and she really was confessing her feelings to chuck and trusting him after watching his path of redemtion. After they are in the car accident, Blair loses the baby and has some memory loss as well. She wakes up with Louis by her side not remembering Chuck becoming a “good” person….Chuck also feels guilty for her losing the baby so he “lets her go” once again. Blair makes it down the aisle with Louis…actually marrying him. In spoiler pictures she is running away from the plaza at night, not the church and its been rumored “something happens at the reception”. Maybe Blair has some kind of flash back to why she was choosing to runaway with Chuck which resulted in the wreck and she decides to go to him then….I know I know its crazy but who knows…its Gossip Girl anything is possible!

    • mar says:

      the memory loss would be too crazy SL even for GG IMO, although you’ve got the point that anything can happen there (sigh).
      What I think is that Louis will be behind that all, I feel he is probably even more wicked than his sister. E.g all that scheming with Chuck’s therapist? I don’t believe that he’s been good person and out of nowhere started to behave this way. If his plan worked out it would might hurt not only Chuck but also Blair in the process and yet he was still determined to do it. I don’t know, I just refuse to believe that Blair would go on with her wedding plans if not being tricked into that some way…

    • maddtown says:

      Hmmm. I’d approve of this twist. It’s soapy, but still appealing. Besides, Gossip Girl crossed the soap line ages ago and if that was a deal breaker for me then I’d have quit the show when Chuck broke down the door to save Blair just in the nick of time during the season 4 finale. Now THAT was soapy!

      If only we could vote on these things…

  13. mohammad says:

    I have a question what will happen if Blair goes to Dan?
    What Chuck will do? how about Serena? Even Lily !!!
    And we Have The Wedding on 5.15 so if Blair Loss The baby and get injured and chuck don’t get Blair Wouldn’t he become the person he used to be!

  14. Chair Love says:

    I agree mohammad when C let B go it was because he believed that louis was the better man for her and he could make her happy in ways that C could not, but Donut now thats a whole new story and I can’t see our new and improved C accepting that at all.
    Dair would not only bring our dark night back in full force it would also tear B and S friendship apart (that is if the writers keep to character consistancy ) Look at how S lost it when B was the star of Donuts book imagine if B was the love of his life S hair would be all over the place ! lol .

  15. El says:

    Great spec. posts everyone!

    I’m just preparing myself to be mad/sad/angry/bitter for Monday’s episode… yet I am extremely excited for it lol.

  16. m1124 says:

    Did anyone catch the car switch comment? Why did they make a big deal about Nate’s car going to the wrong place???

  17. dawn says:

    its ovious, Diana is Chuck real’s mother, thats why Jack phones Diana. And Trip wanted to kill Nate, but they changed rides, and so is why Chuck and Blair/Nate (sth that wasnt expected by Trip) where on the wrong ride… Its like LadyDi Death: car + photographers, but with smthing “wrong” behind
    Lets see if chuck is fine after the accident, what im sure is that Blair will lose the baby and also Louise.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I am convinced Diana is more of an aunt than a mother for Chuck. Or more soapy… she’s Bart. lol.

      Chuck’s real mother is Elizabeth and damn the two resemble. They made her his mother so I doubt they’ll change things now because Diana and Chuck don’t resemble at all and it would be a bit out of place for a person to have two parents that are so different from him because we usually get mother/father genes in our DNA and resemble them a bit… both Diana/Bart look like bro/sis and they couldn’t have generated a son with brown eyes and brown hair. It is possible, but rare. So I don’t think Diana’s connection with Chuck is that close unless they change the story with Elizabeth.

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