Speculation Day 6 – What the Accident

I really wasn’t sure what to write in this post, to be honest.

The reason is that as Monday approaches, I am more focused on the episode rather than speculation and spoilers. I am a person who loves facing problems as they slowly present in my face. Hence, spoilers like what will happen in 5.13 look so far in time for my ‘logic’, but I will try to give my point on that matter as much as I can. I doubt I can’t give a good opinion on it, it’s too far in time to even reason about it. We still have to watch 8 episodes.

And there’s a longer version of this post, actually. It’s in the video I posted here, I tried to talk about things I also wrote here in this post… hope you guys like it and that my voice isn’t too deep. lol

1. Ausiello Spoilers: will this wedding NO1CURRS about, actually happen?

I guess definitely not.

We’ve had a similiar situation back in Season 1 with Lily and Bart. As I pointed out elsewhere, Chuck/Blair and Rufus/Lily stories parallel in some way. In Rufly’s story, Louis’s role was played by Bart. Bart was the one-layered wealthy man we find having a secret affair at first (ironically in 1.02 Dan sees BL before everyone, like in 5.02 he learns about B’s pregnancy BEFORE everyone), then they officially come out as a couple in 1.11, when Bart asks her to marry him.

Back then, we already saw that despite Lily was engaged to Bart, Rufus still cared for her after years and she did too. They in fact sleep together in 1.18 before Lily gets married, like Chuck and Blair in this year’s finale. This happens at the beginning of 1.18, Bart calls Lily before their wedding and asks her to let go of the things of the past. He sure knows about RL, we know Bart had P.Is giving him private infos to ‘protect people’, he used to say. Chuck and Blair also slept together, and I suspect Louis knows, as well as his mother who let’s face seems like a female version of Bart.

Ironically, Bart and Lily’s initials are also BL, like Blair and Louis…

We learn in 2.13 that Lily has kept hidden to Rufus that they had a son 20 years before, to avoid the scandals. I am pretty sure Blair is doing the same to Chuck, she is lying (or either the paternity test was tampered) about the baby because if someone finds out the baby isn’t really Louis’, there will be a hell of a scandal.

Lily and Rufus eventually got married in episode 3.05, and also reconciled with their son, Scott. With Chuck and Blair we won’t have to wait 20 years to see this happen, I see Louis (Bart’s) position very clearly. Of course he is not gonna die, and I don’t want him to die to avoid the wedding, it would be too easy. I want Blair to realize she doesn’t want to marry him because that’s not what she wants. In my opinion as we saw in last week’s pics where Blair looks drunk and is being arrested, she may go to jail as Kristin -supposes or reports? lol-.

Like in Season 2 Serena got arrested in 2.23 and spent the night in jail, risking to miss prom, what if Blair spends a night in jail and risks to miss her own wedding? Would be hilarious, and would be the fate stopping her from marrying Mr Frog. Who knows.

I only know that reason why they “spoiled” there will be the wedding in 5.13, is that in reality Blair won’t go through it like Lily did. Lily and Bart were way older, and Lily also had married other men before him. Blair doesn’t aspire to be a ‘Lily’ and to have 5 husbands. lol. So I guess she’ll bit a bit coward before the wedding and either run away, or talk Louis about it. We still have time to think about that anyway, so don’t freak out if you see interviews of Josh talking about the wedding. He was mum about Chuck’s storyline and the pregnancy with EW. I think that is because THOSE are the important stories of this season, NOT the wedding. They give away stupid plot details, not important ones.

2. The Confusion of Filming Pics

Few days ago, on October 31st and November 1st, Penn/Leighton and Ed alone (but on the same set) filmed scenes next to St. Jame’s church in Madison Ave.

Would be alright if they filmed with one outfit in front of the church, but no! PL apparently filmed three scenes. One where she had an olive ponch, one where she has a blue coat, and one where she has a yellow coat. I don’t know you, but since there are only few pics of the blue and yellow coat, my guess is that the only real and future DB scene, is the one where she has the olive coat.

This comes from random logics in my mind, I figured they are trying to confuse us. Blair hasn’t the ring in the blue coat pics, and we may think she is calm with Dan outside of the church. But it’s weird, why would they obviously film a scene of her -without the ring- at the same place they filmed a scene for a previous episode, in front of the same church? This also goes for the pics with the yellow coat, there were only two of them, but apparently Leighton did film inside with this, and according to people who were there, she filmed with Hugo (Louis). Another idea is that they could use the church only that day, but whatever, I don’t have time to think about this and I’ll go with the easy idea that maybe the pics with the blue coat and no ring, are phony BTS.

Besides this, I think the scene we are sure PL filmed is the one with the olive coat. Someone leaked a paper with few infos (it was the permission to close the street to film), and it said that 3 actors would shoot that day. Well there were three. Two of them apparently shooting indoors watching as another one almost gets hit by a taxi. HERE’S the paper.

We have proofs that PL filmed inside, and Ed filmed in the street and was almost hit by a taxi. You can clearly see Leight’s expression of horror as Blair is watching Chuck almost get in an accident. Her expression changes as he reaches his car and doesn’t get hurt…

Moving from that, let’s talk about the other set pics from Nov.1st. Ed, Leighton and Blake were there shooting at the Hospital in Harlem the other day. Apparently Penn was also there, but I’m not sure since there are no pics and there are pics of him with his gf, so I really have no idea if he didn’t film anything. Anyway, also Matthew and Kelly were there, they took pics and you can see behind Kelly the scenario… they filmed in the morning and after 7pm.

As you can see from these other set pics, Blake changed into a gown she also wore on Oct 11th on set, that if I recall should be the other day they wanted EMTs and hospital stuff. Both EL were with hoodies and were covered by umbrellas, while Blake wasn’t… this would be normal if it rained, but there was a beautiful sun up in the sky. LOL. So my guess is that probably they wanted to hide EL, but they failed *lol2*.

Leighton seemed to have something light blue under her hoodie, in those set pics. Hospital gown? Her gown for that set? Ed was dressed like the day before, on the other hand.

So, who is getting in an accident? Is Blair going to lose her baby as they probably want us to believe?

What I can try to guess is that it’s probably Chuck the person who has an accident. We have prior events that could prove this. One is his accident in 5.01, if you reverse 0 and 1, you get 5.10 that is the episode they’re probably shooting (guess this first part of the season will finish with that one). We also saw that paper that said one person would be almost struck by a taxi. What if that is foreshadowing?

I have a reason why that could be. During Season 2, exactly on episode 2.10, Dan tries to get closer to Bart to unveil his secrets and write something to give to Noah Shapiro (that we also saw in 5.03). He finds out about the arse storyline that is supposedly closed after Russell went to jail in 4.22, and he wants to use this info against the Bass’, but he stops because Chuck tells him this would also hurt Serena if he does it. Other than that, Dan understands that Chuck and Bart’s relationship is damaged because Chuck thinks he killed his mother, and that’s why his father hates him (as Chuck confesses him when they are in jail in 2.05).

Dan decides to write his story about Charlie Trout, and he decides to give a copy to Bart so that he could try to get Bart understanding how his son is feeling towards him. Bart reads the story, called 5.19.91 (IRONIC also 19 and 91 are the opposite of one of another), and father and son for the first time bond (love that scene).

The point is. Chuck may be the one getting in an accident but don’t die, because of Charlie Trout’s story. In 5.04 he realizes he doesn’t want to be an unrependant bad boy anymore. He doesn’t want to end up alone hanging in a closet. He doesn’t want to face his fictional alterego’s destiny. What if Charlie Trout’s destiny almost happens because of casualities?

Chuck almost faces CT’s destiny, but in opposition to Dan’s book and to what happened at the end of 3.22, this time his friends and family are there for him? That’s a million dollar question.


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11 thoughts on “Speculation Day 6 – What the Accident

  1. LW says:

    I love your audio–you have such a pretty voice! I love your accent!

  2. teeting says:

    WOW! Thank you for taking the time to make a podcast; you are awesome! Even tho it’s so far in advance, I am convinced of everything you mentioned. From the parallels to past seasons, from Lily and Rufus’s child (forgot name hehe) to Bart’s accident to the Prom to the jail stuff and all in between; wow you hit everything! The filming is all messed up, that’s all factual for sure. There’s no order that I can see. And yay Georgie coming to stir the pot and out some info! The writer’s definitely are making us freak out, all a plan to keep us tuning in, with the baby paternity and all, and Dan. The friendship between Dan and Blair is cool and whatnot, but I really enjoy Dan and Chuck, I’m thinking that it’s got to play a role in how this wedding comes apart. Hoping. I could keep going but I’m rambling already 😉

    And LOL at the magician that lives in the UES! hahaha, that cracked me up! Good job!

  3. El says:

    Love your post! 🙂
    Great audio too! HAHAHA @ your frog comments 😛

  4. TheSophster17 says:

    Great podcast! Don’t worry, your voice is nice and clear 🙂

    I agree, it would make sense for Chuck to be at the hospital, and be surrounded by his friends and family, and not ending up like Charlie Trout. I also agree for the baby, they’re definitely filming in the wrong order and quite possibly a few fake scenes as well to get us off track, but that won’t work 😉 haha. Ahh I can’t wait now for the next few episodes!! Rambling away.. 😛

    Anyway, looking forward to the next podcast, you should definitely continue! 😀

  5. Nichole says:

    You have a beautiful voice and I love your accent. You should definitely keep posting your audio podcasts.

    You hit on a lot of things that had actually crossed my mind, but a lot of things I didn’t or even could’ve have thought of, like the parallels of Chuck/Blair and Lily/Rufus. That specuation is brilliant! I wouldn’t have thought of that without you. Your proof of that parallel is what has me thinking the writers may be going in that sort of direction. It’s going to be interesting.

    And I totally agree, Louis is boring and killing him off would be too easy. And the comment about his private part is too funny!! Love it!!

    Get post and podcast!!! So much for me to think about on what direction the writers are going with this storyline. 😀

  6. Your voice is so sexy! I also loved all of the frog comments. I definitely think that it’s Chuck who is in an accident and I love all of your Charlie Trout parallel specs.

  7. Laura K says:

    I love this you always have such well thought out speculations which is nice. The podcast is awesome! I hope you do it again.

    I love that you call Louis a frog i’ve been calling him the price of boredom lately. It’s funny that his sister is most interesting than him. He just gets weirder to me everytime i see him. I agree i dont think Blair’s actually marry him but they’ll make it look like she will.Great job finding the parallel with Chuck/Blair and Rufus/Lily. I never thought about that before but there are similarities defintely.

    A show like Gossip Girl defintely wants to misslead us and keep us guessing. All tv shows and movies too film things out of order which i think is so people dont catch on to things also when the location needed for filming is availble. Which is why i dont worry about set pictures or try not too. I think like you i dont really pay much attention to spoilers about 5.12 5.13 because it isn’t close 5.06 hasn’t aired yet.

    I do still think it’s Chuck’s baby. Your right as you’ve said before there is no drama if it’s Louis, nothings ever that simple. I dont think were going to know for sure who’s baby it is untill 5.13. I dont think she’s going to lose the baby not as far as it is, that would be very sad. They said it would be a lighter season, it’s too important of a storyline to have her lose it i feel. I agree with that Chucks storyline and Blair’s pregnancy are the most important storylines this season. I saw on Wednesday there was a link on Facebook that Kelly Rutherford is watching to find out who the father of Blair’s baby is because she doesnt know. I think that says it’s very important if it’s kept that secret.

    Thanks you for your speculations i enjoy them. Thanks for making the podcast

  8. Chair Love says:

    Loved it and the podcast you sounded great I would love to hear more it should be a regular for sure if u don’t mind doing them xxx

  9. El says:

    Now that I think about it, I am not too concerned if Blair has a ring on her finger or if she has a baby bump.

    Remember when they showed Blair kissing Nate, and then Blair kissing Chuck for Season 2’s finale? Well that was a pretty significant event, just like the wedding and baby.

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