5.10 Riding in Town Cars with Boys – EPISODE PREVIEW


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25 thoughts on “5.10 Riding in Town Cars with Boys – EPISODE PREVIEW

  1. chels says:

    I’m delighted to see that family breakfast/Rufus’ waffles are back!

  2. maddtown says:

    Just say ‘yes’ to Derena! 🙂

  3. AdoreCB says:

    Where is Chuck ? :((

    • maddtown says:

      Off being his awesome self.

      They know that he’s the most interesting character right now so I think the writers use his scenes as bait for the fans to tune into the actual show.

  4. GFF says:

    There a particular reason why “Louis is the father of your baby” is starting to become an occurrence? Hmmmm *cough* CHUCK babydaddy *cough cough* Excuse me!

  5. Natasha says:

    Haha @GFF!!

    So so true *cough* show us the paternity test results *cough* XD

  6. LW says:

    i have a valid point that i’d like to make:

    would blair be with louis if he were not a rich prince? er does anyone remember what happened when she thought he was the driver? doesn’t sound like true love to me! i wish they’d just hurry up and make chuck the baby’s daddy!

    • Joana says:

      FINALY! SOMEONE WHO HAS THE SAME OPINION! I SWEAR I’M ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT IT! LIKE A-L-W-A-Y-S! finaly someone who understands me :p So I completely agree with you ❤ That was never Love, right? And i hope it ends quickly!

      • El says:

        But it can’t be true you guys, because Blair “loves” Louis. She has said it multiple times, so of course we HAVE to believe that she is truly in love with him.

        Just being sarcastic there lol.

        Anyway, that storyline, as well as the pregnancy, have been a complete waste. Seriously, no point AT ALL!

        As much as I dislike writing this, it would have been SO MUCH more interesting if it was Dan versus Chuck at the end of Season 4, with Season 5 having Blair realize that Chuck has been the one for her the whole time. I can’t say that it would have been realistic (since I still do not see the natural progression of Dan and Blair), but bringing in Louis w/Blair’s slipper in hand is beyond ridiculous IMO.

        I think it mainly has to do with Hugo though. I wonder if I would dislike Louis as much if it was a different actor. Probably so, since Hugo’s lack of facial expressions and emotions are what make him so unbearable to watch. I will never know how he won that Young Actors award…….

    • mar says:

      @ LW yes, you are right, Blair didn’t want to have anything to do with Louis when she thought he was a driver. It hits me how often she says ” you really are A PRINCE” as if it was what mattered most. I remember how she finally realized in 2×24 that she didn’t love Nate (the moment she got her “fairytale” with him – perfect prom, perfect BF) and now she probably strats to realize that she doesn’t love Louis either (she simply loved an idea of becoming a princess) and she let things gone too far.

      @ El – I ask myself the very same question: how would I feel about Louis if someone else got the part (cough* Francois Arnaud *cough, lol), I wrote in some other post that Hugo seems always tensed and fake and I still think it’s him who makes Louis character even less bearable than planned.

  7. mar says:

    guys, I found it on yt today /watch?v=GpzbafTM4yU
    I wish the GG producers watched it 🙂 LMAOOOO

  8. Anya says:

    I would really want the baby to turn out to be a babybass, but not if they gonna kill it 5 minutes after they reveal the news. Would be devastating. 😦

  9. Chair Love says:

    Ed also confirmed that Chuck and Blair will share scenes in the landmark 100th episode. And though he didn’t give any specifics, Ed did tell Entertainment Weekly that he thinks Chair fans will be pleased by the end of the episode.

    “It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans…but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure,” he said.

    I’m holding on to this Ed made a point of saying by the end of the ep CHAIR fans (not fans or gg fans) would be pleased and that is us so I’m going to hold on to this and ride it out cause I have total faith in what Ed said

  10. Chair Love says:

    What if blair is not in the car with chuck and louis sent those bikers to run him off the road ? we all know louis is that stupid and that would get rid of chuck for good, and then B thinks once again she lets chuck in and darkness comes over them and chuck gets hurt so she decides to stay with louis because if she is not with chuck he won’t get hurt anymore, then serena finds out that louis was behind it and goes to chuck, then nate and donut get on board as well and they all save the day for CHAIR I could be down with that ! lol

    • Joana says:

      Yeah, i said in a comment in the other post that i belived that louis might actually be behind this car crush scene, and then is s you say they save chuck that would be awsomeº! but we cant forget one thing: marriage between louis and blair will keep on al least until the wedding day! because we’ve seen the pictures os it! so it won’t be that easy, somehow this episode will have a reaaly good thing for chair and a bad thing for it too.

      • Chair Love says:

        Totally agree Joana but if B is not in the car when the accident happens she could think that it happened to chuck (the darkness) because she chose him so she would walk away to keep him safe and we all know when either of them get and idea in their head they don’t let it go till it blows up in their face so chuck would not be able to convince her otherwise.
        Serena could find out that louis is behind it so she goes straight to chuck who gets nate involved because he might be able to find out the facts (who louis hired, what he hired them for) and donut would tag along because well he is a donut ! lol.
        I’m soooo excited to see how this turns out if it is anything like what I have just wrote I will be soooo happy afterall it’s the 100th ep and it wouldn’t be GG if there wasn’t a scheme or too.
        Oh and then there is Georgins who is a chuck shipper will she jump on board and help so chuck walks away with a win OMG i’m soooo excited Cmon Monday I can’t wait any longer.

  11. El says:

    Okay, seriously…. how come they hardly ever mention Chuck in the previews? It’s kind of strange, yet annoying at the same time.

  12. Regina says:

    WAIT! I have just had a maybe completely crazy thought… what if it’s Louis that is in that car?! Why have we not considered this possibility?

    • S says:

      A lot of people have considered this thought, including me. But everyone seems to assume its Chuck and Blair no matter what other theories you throw out there….
      I too have thought of it being Louis and it gives just as much motivation for Blair to go back to Louis as if it were Her and Chuck
      She would feel Guilty that by Choosing to run off with Chuck she caused pain to Louis/Father of her child and would feel obligated to go back to him..
      Although I’m sure that this wont be the case as I’m sure their gonna pull the Blair loosing her child crap, as much as I hate it, its probably whats going to happen…

  13. Joana says:

    Yeah, its true that they heardly mention Chuck, but Nate tells Trip that his grandpa is taking him to (i dont remember where) that night, so we alreeady now that nate is seeing or suffering the car crush with his grandfather, because he invited him for something and not because nate is crazy about a report RIGHT? That’s the piont i make. Does it seem OK?

    • S says:

      Good Point, it has to at least be between the 3.. Louis and Serena, Nate or Chuck and Blair….sure we wont know til Jan when it returns, Im sure they will just show Lily crying and then cut

  14. El says:


    LOL! at the comments !!!
    I am afraid for tomorrow haha.

  15. Natasha says:

    Oh my goodness.. I cannot deal with all of these GREAT speculations..

    I seriously have no nails left and the next ep is still a day away. WAHH!!

    CHAIR all the way.

    also, im from australia and from what ive gathered on this site there will be a break.. until Jan? Is this true? sort of similar to what is happening with the vampire diaries at the moment?

    Thanks Guys XOXO

  16. Steph says:

    So much speculations i love it 🙂
    I’ve been thinking so much things myself about upcoming episode that my brain is pretty paralyzed. As i’m from Belgium the episode will be available 2morrow 😦 i will have to keep myself away from my laptop cuz i don’t wanna see any spoilers this evening :d will be sooo hard to do but OMFG i’m just excited for the Chair moments and to find out who’s in the crash and all…

    I’m hoping the ep will be worth our patience :d

    @Natasha : yeah they take a break until 16th jan 😦

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