4×21 Shattered Bass – STILLS and SYNOPSIS

Shattered Bass – May 9th, 2011 9/8c

Charlie (guest star Kaylee DeFer) is finally starting to feel less like a fish-out-of-water with Serena (Blake Lively) and her friends, but complications present themselves when Charlie is invited to attend the Constance Billard alumni fundraiser. On the road to “happily ever after,” Blair (Leighton Meester) finds herself torn between the men in her life. Jack Bass’s (guest star Desmond Harrington) return to the Upper East Side sets off a chain of events that could end up destroying Chuck (Ed Westwick) and those closest to him.


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20 thoughts on “4×21 Shattered Bass – STILLS and SYNOPSIS

  1. Lauren says:


  2. simona says:

    OMG!! Queste nuove immagini mi inquietano ancora di più, come se nn bastasse la storia con Blair, Chuck sta andando incontro ad altri guai, anche qui lo vedo abbastanza agitato e turbato.Forse l’arrivo dello zio ha qualcosa a che vedere con la madre di Raina e quindi con il fatto che è stato il padre di Chuck a causarne la morte…?? ma xkè nn posso vederli ora questi episodi maledizione, sono sempre più curiosa!!

  3. blu says:

    I hope Nate is not involved with Jack. Ok, maybe I can ship them but as lovers not as allies!XD

  4. Nichole says:


  5. Nichole says:

    This just in…Gossip Girl has been renewed for a 5th season.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Lmao I read. I am thankful at least we’re going to see how this thing will go since we’re not sure if this season will end on a good note or not. I just hope the 5th season will be the last.

      • nana says:

        I hope they last till Season 6 (as per contract). 🙂

      • Moozanna says:

        you won’t want it to be the last if season 5 has a lot of DAIR… 😦

        Then we can depend on season 6 to break them up and for Blair to realize that Chuck is the one… (wishful thinking… I think!!!)

  6. nana says:

    I guess Blair is looking at Chuck in the 4th pic, but what are they talking about? chuck looks like he wanted to say ‘i just want you to be happy’ and return the ring he kept for he (but blair looks sad).

    Nate teams up with Jack? Unbelievable. This should have something to do with the Raina’s mother incident/fire and Jack wanted to blackmail Chuck (releasing the truth about IP and fire) and take away BI/Empire from Chuck. Chuck then argued with Nate and leave everything to Jack to keep his mouth shut on IP (so that Blair can be with Louis-she is already engaged to him by then – this is the next morning after the Chuck punched into the glass when he got the new from GG that Blair is engaged to Louis).

    *just my random thoughts*

  7. Moozanna says:

    Please no DAIR in season 5, although the producers have already said there is more DAIR 😦

    Chuck is already wounded when he meets Jack, what has Jack got against Chuck…? What did Chuck ever do to Jack…?

    Poor, Poor, Poor Chuck….

    Blair does not seem to happy in the still with Chuck, Chuck however seems Ok… But in the 5 episode promo, they show Blair leaving Chuck and Chuck looks disappointed/Unhappy….


  8. xoxoChair says:

    Question: Your cryptic Gossip Girl tease in last week’s Ask Ausiello is Freaking. Me. Out. What do you mean Chuck would never intentionally do harm to Blair. What happens?! —Sam
    Ausiello: There’s really only one more thing to say on this subject: There will be blood.
    ^^ well what do you think about that ?

    • cocomisk says:

      They didn’t say Blair’s blood. We know there will be blood from Chuck as he’s in stills with his hand bandaged.

  9. simona says:

    Perchè temo che gli autori di G.G. facciano fare a Chuck la stessa fine che hanno fatto fare a Mischa Barton,ovvero la Marissa di O.C..?? Aiuto sono in totale paranoia,ma se ci penso un pochino anche quello di Marissa era un personaggio delicato, complesso e debole nello stesso tempo. La stessa Marissa nn disdegnava la propensione all’alcool ed agli eccessi, qualche similitudine se ci pensate c’è tra i due personaggi. Io però nn voglio e nn posso assolutamente pensare ad un finale della serie senza Chuck quindi la mia è solo una preoccupazione inutile e stupida…;))

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Non devi preoccuparti di questo secondo me! Perchè Mischa voleva lasciare lo show di sua volontà, per questo si è fatta scrivere fuori a fine S3. Voleva tagliare i contatti con lo show per fare film ad Hollywood, e Josh la accontentò facendo morire Marissa. Ed non è che non sia stanco, però non è dello stesso avviso di Mischa quindi non credo sia in pericolo di morte, anche perchè da come disse Josh 2.0 apparentemente questa season non morirà nessuno. 😉

      • Moozanna says:

        Translation ??? 🙂 PLEASE !!! 🙂

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        She was worried that something may happen to Chuck like happened to Marissa at the end of S3, but I said that Mischa Barton didn’t want to be on The OC anymore because she wanted to become a famous movie actress and didn’t like the project anymore, so Josh killed her character off. I also said that I don’t think Ed is of the same advice because he still likes to play Chuck, and that Josh 2.0 already said that this season there won’t be any deaths. 🙂

      • simona says:

        grazie la tua risposta mi conforta molto. 🙂

      • grace says:

        Even though this history that involved Mischa’s departure i always suspected there was another factor for example a dissatisfaction with the directin of Marissa.In The OC Season 3,the character continued being throw under the bus and the couple Ryan and Marissa was destroyed.Coincidence?
        And, if a very young actress with a huge ego is a dangerous combination,a very young actress with a huge ego and dissatisfied with the storyline character… I also think that from the moment that Schwartz had to kill the character he knew it was a matter of time The OC be canceled because when the show was renewed for a fourth season was 16 episodes only.I think that ‘The Curious Case Of Mischa Barton’must have caused some trauma.
        And i also think that all the roads lead to Mischa Barton because even after all they wanted her in GG.She was invited to played Georgina Sparks,the first choice.Coincidence?
        We talked so much that CB nedd to work their issues but Schwartz, Savage, Safran & Barton need to work their issues too,for the good of GG and CB because otherwise…

        “Mischa Barton would never intentionally cause Schwartz, Savage & Safran psychological harm.”

  10. Sophie says:

    In keeping with GG story arcs, I think the writers will end with their time-tested storylines:
    1) Serena/Blair will have a falling out, followed by reconciliation -this season, instead of Jenny, we have Charlie (who is really an expendable character, anyway). Charlie will try to get into Dan Humphrey’s pants (seeing as to how S and B both want Dan). S and B will team up against Charlie, restore their friendship, and either S or B will get Dan. (I’m guessing Serena tho)

    2) Chuck falls into a bottomless pit followed by redemption – Chuck’s bottomless pit will be the Rania Thorpe story arc. Redemption will be Blair telling him that “he is not his father”, or something like that.

    3. Blair gets a fling, then realizes Chuck is her OTL – Louis, as much as I love his character, is also expendable. I think his character will remain only until Chuck’s redemption. (Or until the royal wedding mania dies down)

    4. Nate ends up with a guest star. :p

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