4×20 The Princesses and the Frog – Episode PREVIEW


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22 thoughts on “4×20 The Princesses and the Frog – Episode PREVIEW

  1. Moozanna says:

    I’m scared that the producers have had it with CHAIR ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    This episode looks promising in so many ways, but scary also.

    Can’t make up my mind… I just want the ‘SERIES’ endgame to be CHAIR. That’s all..

    But I’m gad the ‘Harry Winston’ resurfaces ๐Ÿ™‚ Has me very excited….

  2. Nichole says:

    I wonder what the big thing is that will change the course of the characters and the show. *sarcasm hand is raised*

    Yeah, that bit really concerns me. *big sigh* All I want is for Chuck to grow up and move forward with Blair. Not a step backwards and far over to the side over a cliff…

    • Moozanna says:

      ^^^ Me too! Me too!

      btw… how much does my life suck !!! I will only be able to watch the finale episode.. THE FIANLE!!! only on the 20th of May!! This really sucks ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      My family decided to go on a holida, and i have no computer/twitter/mibile roaming…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      Very upset at the momnet… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • Moozanna says:

      I think the big event that changes the course for more than one charcter will be the proposal…

  3. grace says:

    I’d like to say what i really think about Josh 2.0 but are inappropriate things.

    Mischa Barton would never intentionally cause Schwartz,Savage & Safran psychological harm.

  4. grace says:

    Being serious now without “Mischa Barton would never..” joke,i think in the end we’ll discover that everything they did was create an unnecessary tension,draw attention,create buzz and discussions.
    Smurf-Lover aka Ausiello,for example, has been very useful in the past and now is no longer.His last spoiler did not add anything.There will be blood? Of course that there will be blood because when you give a punch in a glass is logical that you cut yourself and bleed.
    Again, maybe it’s just a discussion,a rude kiss,an epiphany and the punch.How to explain the stills from the episode 4×21?How to explain Chair on chairs pic?
    I just hope that someone leaked the episode 4×20 spoiler and ending this torment.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Oh how I wish that too, but unfortunately my ‘sources’ told me nothing has leaked because maybe the people who have watched 18/19 didn’t get anything this time. For how I think, of course there will be blood lol. How obvious. He punches a glass wall, what do you expect? On ggfansss there was this same spoiler with the Beauty and the Beast reference. Well, there’s the part where Belle goes in the room where the Beast/prince lived, he gets mad and orders her to leave and scares her by throwing things on the floor. I think that the reference was put there on purpose. What happens in the B&B? Belle simply runs away from the room and that’s it. As we can see from the still of episode 21, Chair still talk, and Blair isn’t hurt, hasn’t any scratches that may be caused by the glass of the wall (my friend capped the part where Chuck punches the wall, there’s a hole but there’s no chance that the glass may have hit Blair by mistake), so I just think all this is just buzz. Haters can’t wait to see Chuck doing something unforgivable, Josh 2.0 says this thing will change everything. I am seriously excited to see, but I’m not worried because I still think about that lovely happy still from EW. That gives me BIG BIG hopes that in the end everything will be alright.

      • Nichole says:

        I read that spoiler with the Beauty/Beast clip and I thought to myself, “the writers wouldn’t go there, no matter how tame the story.” So, I just can’t reconcile with what Joshy is saying. I just know the character/show changing moment will be in that scene. ~sigh~ I think I should just watch Beauty and the Beast Monday and read the recaps Tuesday. LOL I’m rambling because my stomach is grumbling. LOL

        Anyway, besides Pinocchio, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney cartoon….That’s all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        (Spoiler alert (just in case you haven’t seen it or forgot what happens–Beauty and the Beast ends in happily ever after, so all my Chuck/Blair hope is not totally lost. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  5. GFF says:

    trying to figure out why would they have chuck punch the glass: a)omg moment, b)to portray his insane downward spiral and c)to yet again try make dan look good. i admit i can see blair duck down but he is not aiming to hit her i am sure. writers keep throwing these obstacles at CB because in the end it’ll all be worth it.

  6. Michaela says:

    The highlight of this video? “Rufus gets a job! Which we have been trying to do for a very long time.” Haha, sorry, it made me laugh. Anyways, on a serious note.. I’d like to hope that everything will be fine for Chair, and they would SOMEHOW be endgame for this season. However, the writers have pretty much ruined any chance of that by choosing not to redeem or mature Chuck, and by ignoring the fact that they need to rebuild the trust between Chuck and Blair before they enter into a relationship again. They had all season to do that and of course- they didn’t. What I wish would happen is that Blair and Chuck end the season realizing they still love one another, but need to face their problems together before just picking up where they left off. Then season 5 would be them rebuilding Chair. Will this happen? Doubt it. Will Chuck, even if it isn’t intentional, hurt Blair? Most likely. Why are Chair fans constantly slapped in the face by the writers? I still don’t know! Lol, wow that was a long rant.

  7. GFF says:

    i think that the writers’ excuse for not redeeming chuck is that it does not make for good storyline. they can have chuck do something good for one episode but it can’t carry on for a season long arc because they wouldn’t know how to tell that story without boring the audience. so what they’re going to do is what savage said like leave it for the finish line. i’m scared that they will see how much popular DB will be next season and consider that it is enough to change the endgame. there are a lot more DB fans than i expected who can rival with CB fans and might actually get what they want from the writers.

  8. Michaela says:

    True, I can see where the writers are coming from.
    I just don’t get why all his storylines have to hurt Blair in some way- Eva, Raina, and more recently, his scheming against Dan. I also agree with you about the endgame of the show! It seems like a lot of DB fans are ex-CB fans who no longer ship the couple because Chuck hasn’t been redeemed, or done enough to earn Blair’s forgiveness. And like you said, that probably won’t happen seeing as people would complain it’s too boring.

  9. grace says:


    This possibility is a reality because in an interview for TV Guide,Josh 2.0 said there’s no endgame.I suspect that in Season 5 Safran will be the GG’s Big Boss because Josh 1.0 is dedicated to ‘Chuck’ and Stephanie,probably,dedicated to ‘Hart Of Dixie’ or ‘Georgetown’,this year he was promoted to producer,more responsibilities and the GG Writers return from the hiatus next Monday.So, get ready because with Josh 2.0 in charge, DB will go beyond and Chuck thrown under the bus again.
    Honestly,i try so hard understand the writers but i can’t.What are the real reasons why they do what they do?Protectionism to benefit certain actors?Incompetence?Both?I don’t know.
    What we can do is don’t stop the #savechuckandblair and #redeemedchuckbass campaigns.It’s important.
    And i’m sorry for the rant,i preferred doing the “Mischa Barton would never…” joke than say what i really feel.

  10. GFF says:

    I just keep thinking back and forth. If the writers intentions are this or no it could very well be that. I try to figure them out too. At one point I think savage said they did have endgames in mind hinting CB and DS but that was before the success of DB :-/
    But!…CB fans do have a strong voice and they/we would totally lose control if the writers ever dream of showing us a DB ever after. I could just see bad reviews and threats coming out after the very last episode. Maybe writers don’t care what fans think but fans are actually important to any show therefore they must be considered at the end of the day. End of rambling ha!

  11. Nichole says:

    I am starting to think these writers don’t care what the viewers think which is so contradictory to the whole ratings system. Sure their pairing of Dan and Blair is something everyone is buzzing about but that is only because the writers are trying to kill them. I have never been so frustrated with a television show as I am with this one. One minute I think, “ooh, chuck and blair are going to be together because the writers say so.” Then not even thirty seconds later I am saying, “chuck and blair are doomed because the writers are in love with dan and blair.” It is making my head hurt and a television show is supposed to be an escape of real world worries, not a bigger cause of them. This darn show!

  12. Sophie says:

    There is a big gaping logical hole in 4×19’s story. IF Louis and Blair were going to “go public” anyway (family be damned), then why go through the trouble of staging a fake relationship with Dan for a mere handler in the first place?

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