Matching outfits…

Okay so I made this for my tumblr and wanted to share with you. These pics are from the 15th July set.

Ed and Leighton before changing outfits (I think L pic is after they shoot but whatever, she had the same clothes when she arrived, right?)

Black with red. They match for a weird case, and they're not playing their parts.

Ed and Leighton dressed as Chuck and Blair on the set of the same day

Matching again. Brown/Brown + purple.

Ed shoot with Clemence/Eva too that day. Her dress didn’t match like Leighton’s. We have to see if they’ll be in the same scene together dressed with similiar colors now. lol

What do you think?


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4 thoughts on “Matching outfits…

  1. ronan03 says:

    you are so right! didn’t notice it myself. thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Nichole says:

    Chuck and Blair’s color schemes usually compliment each other. More so in the second season and some in the first and third seasons. I always thought the matching or complimentary color schemes of their outfits were the show runners way of stating without saying that Chuck and Blair belonged together as a couple, match, equal. But, I love that noticed this too cause I thought I was making stuff up. LOL

    Umm, the Leighton/Ed matching…more of a coincidence, I think. 🙂

  3. Andie1392 says:


  4. WaldassAddict says:

    They have actually a matching style.I guess Leighton loves Brittish style and dresses like Brits.They have a good style and I love how they also match in real life.BTW Ed is really hot on those photos.

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