Leighton is the new face of Biotherm


LEIGHTON MEESTER has been announced as the new face of Biotherm skincare. The actress, who starred as Blair Waldorf alongside Blake Lively, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford in Gossip Girl, will appear in the brand’s campaigns from the beginning of 2014.

“What I love about Biotherm is that it’s always evolving and changing and becoming more modern,” said the actress.

And Biotherm seems equally enamoured with her. “Leighton Meester is a contemporary icon, a young star whose natural talent, energy and beauty have made her the face of a generation,” said general manager Patrick Kullenberg.

Meester was chosen as the face of Vera Wang’s Lovestruck fragrance in 2011 and has also appeared in Herbal Essences and Missoni campaigns.

source:  vogue uk

Leighton filming “Like Sunday, Like Rain” – Sept. 18th

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Like Sunday, Like Rain, which also stars Debra Messing, centers on Reggie, a 12 year old rich prodigy who lives a lonely life in a castle in New York, where his parents are frequently absent. He eventually befriends his babysitter Eleanor, who ends up taking him to Upstate New York after unsuccessfully finding a replacement to care for him.

Leighton on set of “Like Sunday Like Rain”

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It’s called Like Sunday Like Rain. It’s about the relationship between a young woman who comes to work as a care taker, nanny for a twelve year boy in New York. It’s this movie about these two people kind of randomly thrown together. The young boy is really wealthy and the woman is from a completely different background.

“Life Partners” various set pictures

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Leighton is currently filming a movie with Adam Brody and Gillian Jacobs called Life Partners. Luckily for us, the crew and actors are taking selfies to show us how the shooting is going… you can see some pictures below this text, hopefully they’ll shoot outside more and we’ll get HQs. 🙂

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