ASK Ausiello – October 9th

Question: Will Chuck and Blair get married in the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie
Ausiello: Don’t know. I will say that one of them will fail to accomplish an important item on their pre-engagement to-do list, potentially rendering their little agreement null and void.


ASK Ausiello – October 2nd

Question: Gossip Girl‘s final season starts in less than a week, so this week’s Ask Ausiello better have something good on the premiere. Or else. —Dawn
Ausiello: Last I checked the column was called Ask Ausiello not Threaten Ausiello. Having said that, I’ll give you what you want, just promise not to hurt me or my family, K? Herewith are six mild-to-wild spoilers about Monday’s premiere: * Someone is wearing an engagement ring by the end of the episode, but there’s a twist.
* I can confirm that the event featured in these photos is indeed a wedding, but there’s a twist.
* The show’s go-to rehab clinic, The Ostroff Center, has been renamed to reflect current events.
* Blair and Georgina’s bitchy repartee throughout the hour is a thing of immense beauty.
* Dan gives Blair a tough-love speech about her dysfunctional relationship with Chuck that literally leaves his ex speechless.
* Someone has a big secret, and that someone’s initials are BB.
Question: Can you share anything about the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie
Ausiello: According to some just-leaked casting intel, the swan song will feature a cute and adorable 3-year-old boy with dark hair and eyes. You thinking what I’m thinking? ‘Cause I’m thinking that little rascal could be Chuck and Blair’s firstborn.
I wanted to add something. We know many things of the first spoiler already so no need to comment. But the second spoiler is clearly fake, giving they are still filming 6.09 and Ausi is the biggest troll we’ve ever seen. He wouldn’t write something nice for CB fans even if they paid him billions, hehe. So take it as that. I’d really love for something like this to be true, but we’ll see, he might be true in his douchiness! lol.

ASK Ausiello – September 4th

Question: Will Gossip Girl‘s premiere jump ahead a few months? Or will it pick up right where the finale left off? —Sandy
Ausiello: The answer to both questions is yes. The opener picks up where May’s cliffhanger left off as a means to quickly “check in with all of the characters,” explains exec producer Stephanie Savage. “And then we jump ahead four months to present day.”

Question: We haven’t really had many Gossip Girl tidbits about Chuck and Blair. Care to fix that? — Danielle
Ausiello: That trailer pointing to a reconciliation for the star-crossed Upper East Siders “is not misleading,” confirms exec producer Stephanie Savage, who teases that “things get pretty steamy” between them in their hotel room in Monte Carlo. “But the stakes are really high. They can’t rush into anything or do anything half-baked.”

As always, thanks for telling what we already knew thanks tothe  callsheets. Hehe.

ASK Ausiello – August 14th

Question: Blair has been wearing a ring on a necklace in all the Gossip Girl location pictures this season. Any idea why? —Kayla

Ausiello: I’m guessing it’s a symbol of the special pact she makes with Chuck in the premiere, but I could be wrong. (In case you’re wondering, said agreement involves them getting their personal crap together before committing to each other for good.)
Basically sort of what we thought. Nothing new Ausi, nothing new. It seems as fans know more than spoiler sources, haha.

ASK Ausiello – May 8th

Question: I think the Gossip Girl fandom has exploded after watching the promo for next week. Is there anything that you can tell us about what’s in store for us in the finale? —Marie
Ausiello: I have three tidbits for you, all of them extremely vague:

* Someone will “see” Gossip Girl.
* The final scene of the episode will feature two characters – one male, one female.
* The aforementioned final scene does not take place in New York.


I really think the point #2 and #3 will be the Casino pics 😉