Happy Holidays from everyone here at chuckandblair.us


Another year has almost passed and we would like to thank everyone that comments, visits and interacts with us.  And even if Gossip Girl is over, we hope you will still be regulars on our little blog because we will continue to run this place with the same passion and love we always had for Ed/Leighton and Chuck/Blair. Have a wonderful end of the year, xoxo.

P.S: The finale recap is not up yet because our darling M (like the rest of us I’m sure) is very busy this time of year but it will be uploaded soon or so I’ve been told. And I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Join us


CHAIRleaders we are coming to the end of the journey! This Monday, December 17th, join us to celebrate our amazing couple and their epic love story one more time! At 7PM EST (12AM GMT) we are trending “Chairytale Ending”.

Later watch the series finale, “New York I Love You, XOXO”, and live-tweet the episode with us. @savechuckblair will provide a streaming link for those who need it.

The usual guidelines for trending apply:
Unlock your account.
Retweet manually (copy and paste) rather than hitting the RT button
If you can’t tweet live, schedule tweets using TweetDeck or HootSuite.

Meanwhile don’t forget to mention your excitement to the writers (@GGWriters), exec. producer Josh Schwartz (@JoshSchwartz76), and the CW Network (@CW_Network)!

I take this opportunity to let our followers know we will all be online tonight before, during and after the finale. We will try to make a recap after the episode so we can enjoy our happy ending, comment and probably be sad together. I hope you will all join us, xoxo

Leighton joins the cast of Any Tom, Dick, or Harry



I am excited to announce the cast of ANY TOM, DICK, OR HARRY. The film will star Carter Jenkins as “JJ,” Cameron Bowen as “Drew,” Karan Soni as “Ernie,” Jonny Weston as “Hugo,” Davida Williams as “Korleigh,” Meredith Hagner as “Jenny,” and Leighton Meester as “Barbara.” Also cast are Guinevere Turner as “Mindy,” Natalie Thurn as “Lindsay,” Stephen Durham, and David Grammar. Created by Hadley Klein and Carter Jenkins, ANY TOM, DICK, OR HARRY is written and directed by Hadley Klein. Damon Dash serves as Executive Producer. Co-Producer, Davida Williams. It is produced by Alex Holcomb and Charles Rice. Production begins December 13 in Los Angeles.