Leighton and Ben Barnes in “God Only Knows”


What I find interesting about this moment beyond the sheer beauty of the frame is the quiet intensity of the players; Leighton turned away, the light of morning announcing her strong presence even in its dream-state, and Ben closer near the bottom of the shot — compressed — as if he is deciding whether he should turn towards her or slip out and disappear —  a true moment caught in time — or maybe many other things in both their minds that even the director doesn’t know! But the audience has a sense, each person maybe seeing or feeling something different and singular to them!

A picture says a thousand words but 24 pictures per second tells story after story after story and that’s why film is magical. Every face, every expression, every scene relays tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of little stories, fables, histories of the invented characters but told through the hearts of the real performers; countless emotions and experiences, real and created, banging into each other and reforming and coming back out to an audience like a cinematic atom smasher; hopefully giving people a feeling of something brand new and thrilling, but familiar in its humanity; and something that becomes part of their atomic make-up temporarily or maybe even forever if we’re lucky. That’s how movies can be important — they can change your chemistry!

Speaking of chemistry, these two actors together have got it like a science experiment gone awry. Kaboom! Gorgeous.


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One thought on “Leighton and Ben Barnes in “God Only Knows”

  1. Alexandra says:

    Leighton and Ben have a great chemistry, that’s really good for the movie.
    But nothing will ever compare to EL chemistry!

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