Afterthoughts: Save the Last Chance (6.07)

“[Chuck] loves you more than anything in the whole world.” ~ Serena van der Woodsen on Chuck and Blair. And really something everyone should be keeping in mind.

Bet you thought you’d never have to read a recap from me ever again! Ha! In all seriousness, I have been a bit busy and my schedule allows me to watch the episode (liveblog with some lovelies) and then quickly go to bed. Adulthood, not cool. But I say this because I haven’t forgotten about doing them, but I just lack the time and energy. Also I get past a certain day of the week and it’s just like not happening, you know?

But considering the show is wrapping things up in a matter of weeks *weeps* I’ve gonna do them and post when I can. Savvy?

Back to the episode (or really the season) overall, it was a bit draining. Not in the I-didn’t-like-it draining, more like the-writers-are-trying-to-shove-so-many-ideas-into-one-episode-you-need-to-calm-yourself draining. And the thing is ideas are not the show’s problem, in fact that’s good thing. But with GG ending in a 10 episode stint… yeah, too many ideas and not enough time? It’s not going to balance itself the way it would have had it been a whole season. But then again GG has never really had a full good season. Fact! (Ok IMO)

The other problem in lies with writers trying to get me to care about half the things they want me to care about. As it stand, I don’t care about a lot of things that are currently going on in the show. And I’m only managing to care really about a few number of things and could you blame me? I mean, coming from a person who has watched since the beginning and seen the week by week for the past couple of years… It becomes a slightly different “relationship” with these characters and these plots. Because it’s not about how invested you are this point.

It’s about the actual the dedication to the show and really how much crap were you able to stand. It’s very difficult to stay with a show like Gossip Girl especially having seen all you’ve seen in the fandom.

But my point being is I’m not going to pretend I care about Rufus or Lily or GG’s very own PTA. (As rude as that sounds) It seems like such waste in that sense because the storylines are revolving around them. And when the focus is on the main characters… it somehow goes back to those pesky parents, who are slight more mess up than their children.

I just wanted Chair, didn’t think I was asking for too much this season.

Any who, onward with these thoughts of mine on the episode itself:

What’s great about this episode is it picks up directly after the last one, so there’s not big time jump just yet and now they’ve taken the GG timeline to a slower pace. Which is good because I like details. Details are important.

Father vs. Son vs the Con Artist (The Bass edition) 

What I found really rude in the beginning was Bart just destroying all of Chuck’s place, for something he didn’t even have. Like at least when Chuck ransacks your safe he keeps it tidy.  It just common courtesy really. And that massive Bass stare down… Intense. Also who do you think blinked first?

Was anyone excited to see Monkey as I was? Such a cutie.

The thing I love most about Chuck is how grown up he’s become but he still has one of the best sense of humors of the entire show because not even dear old dad is going to make him back down. Nor should he. And Bart’s about to feel really stupid the minute he finds out that Chuck has nada.

Cue in random Ivy appearance!

In– not really surprising and more like– an annoying turn of events. Ivy confess that she has the proof this entire time and whomever wants the damn proof the most will most likely have to sell Lily out! Because there’s nothing else she’s got left to do on this damn show… Besides screwing every man that Lily has been with…

Here’s looking at you, Will! I mean, I knew you wanted your daughter… but Ivy really? Really? It’s just getting to a point where Ivy and anyone is gag worthy lbr. Still I feel like Will might have been playing her. And Rufus is being played by Ivy! Also how stupid do you need to be in order to kiss your lover on the street where the whole world could be watching? Where is that ok?

And Bart’s playing Lily! So I guess everyone’s just getting screwed here. Not in the literal sense people! But as always Lily believe wholeheartedly in her 5th? Or are with still on 4th husband? Lily stop marrying everyone. This is why divorce rates are high.

And Nate’s about to get screwed too! Bart you need to stop sucking so much…

The thing about Nate in this episode is he got really screwed over. And well while I know that’s not a brilliant thought process, I really don’t have much else to say. And the thing is Nate often does get screwed over. There’s no actual logic to it, there’s no way around it… he’s just a fairly unlucky guy…

Who probably should have gotten his grandfather’s lawyers to check those papers he signed… But nooo, Nate doesn’t need help from anyone on that side of the family. And that’s very admirable but considering how you got the Spectated in the first place…

But that’s just my two cents…

But the race to see who screws over who is still on and Chuck’s actually almost… Oh bb, you were so close. If Bart hadn’t stripped off his clothes first… Or really had Rufus not been such a kleptomania. That’s where your problems really began.

And in one of the most pathetic display of pimping Rily out. Rufus telling Lily that he still see the best in her after she messed him up? Rufus how are you still alive? No really? Your survival rate is ridiculous.

Now I think I said all I needed to say about Lily and Chuck scene elsewhere. And it’s ok if you like/love them. But after that scene, and probably any scene where Lily chooses her husband over her children I’m done with that pathetic excuse for a parent. It’s not fair to her children, that includes someone who she adopted. She went out of her way to consider family. I mean…

I want to throw this character out a metaphorical window.

But does this mean Ivy can leave now that she has no point on the show and Bart is after her?

My favorite thing that did come out of this mess was Drunk!Nate. He just does not give a damn.

An Extremely Odd Love Affair (Derena edition)

Before I say anything about Derena, I acknowledge that not everyone ships them and I take into account all the comments that have been said about them. However, this was one of the ships that were literally promised endgame so early on in s1, even before Chair. Even if it felt rushed in the last episode. It’s just the unfortunate side effect of who the who gets to be there at the end and with whom.

Or good news! To those who do ship it! (some days I do, some days I don’t… It’s a very confusing time) This ship literally did the impossible and made it back to each other. Four for you, Derena.

And I have to say for a very confused shipper, their opening scene in this episode was absolutely adorable. If you ignore everything that has happened… last season. And then some.

Although I have to hand it to Dan for actually choosing Serena for good this time. I don’t know how this relationship will go and I’m not sure if I will like it… but I blame old shipper feels more than anything.

And my Dangina heart sunk into a deep dark nothing-ness… WHY?!?!

Friends forever (Blerena edition)

One has to admire and loath this story for two reasons. For one we got our girls back and talking again without fighting! I call that good on GG because this show is forever doomed if they didn’t patch things up before the series finale.

Also we had to wait 7 episodes? That was a fail on the writers but seriously they made up and I’m not even being picky.

What got me to dislike it a bit is Blair choice of who she was going to design for. It’s great that she has a goals and truly it is, but to regress… I’m not all for it. Like I said goals are super important, but it’s like the writers never want Blair to move pass her “I was the shit in High School” phrase.

Like Blair sweetie your “dark side” kind of sucks. I am going to put that out there. I want Blair to move pass it. I want her line not to be a Junior line that really only benefits Manhattan school girls who think they know shit about monarchy and mobs. Like why would you lower your standards when you are more?

Again I could just projecting.

The Chate Duck, please (Dan, Chuck, Nate bromance edition)

Since I didn’t get a chance to mention this earlier… I present you with a rare dish called Chate Duck! I like my dish with a lot of Chuck 😉

What was so great about these small number of scenes is that the leading men actually all got a long *gasp* Now, between me and you that’s pretty shocking considering everything they’ve been through these last few years. Especially Dan and Chuck.

But lord and behold that Dan was actually pretty much kissing Chuck’s ass because apparently he was looking for his soul between Serena’s legs. And needless to say Hipster!Dan wasn’t exactly helpful, but he was very tolerable in this episode  And really tried. So half a brownie point?

Nate on the hand manage to screw up, admittedly not his fault that he can’t read the fine print. But the poor guy has had enough and already feels bad enough without everyone telling him so.

But why did he still in the Empire after feeling like he crushed his best friend in the process… That my friends is something entirely mind boggling.

OH. MY. CHAIR. (Chuck and Blair edition)

I can’t believe that I almost got away from talking about them! Yikes…

In my defense, I’ve just had so many conversations on them and well you can see that while I’m not done talking… it’s just. I have nothing else more to say.

Chuck and Blair have been through even worse things on this show, and if you can survive s4. s5, and all the crap then I really don’t understand why you would be this upset.

Love, my friends… Also we got Henry Bass. REJOICE.


Well that’s it and hope you enjoy tonight’s episode! I hope I can get this weeks recap uploaded this week lolol


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3 thoughts on “Afterthoughts: Save the Last Chance (6.07)

  1. Je t'adore says:

    You and your Duck love. I’ll forever judge you for it but it’s ok because I love you so I accept it. I loved the “apparently he was looking for his soul between Serena’s legs.” thing, spot on. And yes Dan was tolerable this ep but then again Chuck can make anyone tolerable, am I right? Let’s pray tonight’s ep. has a lot of good Chair scenes because I want another awesome M recap. Great job, I missed this. Welcome back.

  2. Alexandra says:

    OMG! Great recap! Just freaking hilarious!I’m glad that you’re back! I was really excited to see Monkey, he’s so sweet. And Drunk!Nate lol! When we talk about alcohol only Drunk!Chuck is better. He’s just better in everything to say the truth, hovewer both are soooo SEXY! I really liked Duck in S5. And I’m glad too see that they’re getting along. I’m a huge fan of Chate but Chate Duck why not. And Dan looking for his soul between Serena’s legs OMG I laughed so hard! I have to admit that I really like Derena. I liked Derena in S1 and in first half of S2 and even later when they were just good friends I mean in the majority of episodes of S3 . Later it was just so complicated. I’m happy with Derena being endgame, however I would be happier with Serenate and Dangina being endgames. Blerena I just love them! And the most important CHAIR I love them so much. They are endgame, they will get married and will have a son so I’m not mad because of 6×07. GG writers just gave us a little bit of drama, however why have they done that in the 7th episode? Frankly speaking they made a lot of mistakes during the series. However I love GG and I will really miss Chair and NJBC. I hope that 6×08 will be a great episode. The promo is funny, the producer’s preview is also nice and Jake Coburn wrote it. This comment is already too long so I will stop. But I have to say that I was really glad to read your recap.

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