6.08 It’s Really Complicated – PROMO


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10 thoughts on “6.08 It’s Really Complicated – PROMO

  1. Aline says:

    Looks fun!

  2. Laura says:

    how could they destroy the most beautiful ep in all seasons ? they screwed them up,again and again and again..even when they have 10 ep,they choose to mess 9 of them up .. hate them and gg

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I’m honestly not bothering at all… they also screwed with us last year and what can I say, I’m used to it at this point

  3. Laura says:

    but i don’t get it..if chuck told blair they were over,why would they go together at thanksgiving?
    i’m also waiting for the scene at the empire,where blair is pocahontas..i’d like a kiss,but i guess they won’t please us..AGAIN

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      More than them being over, for him it was over the possibility to accomplish his goals in order to be with her. I think in ep 6.08 thanks to Blair help and concern, Chuck will see that it doesn’t matter that he failed her in a sort of way by not achieving his goal… and that to be together with her he doesn’t need to fullfill anything. I believe she will show him that in the beginning of 6.08 and that’s why he seems happier later. Ausi said that one of them would make the pact void and null, well last night Chuck did so by breaking it, so there is no point next ep, to be fixated with it and with destroying Bart. They can still destroy Bart, Blair will show Chuck that they can do it together, they don’t need to punish themselves to do it, above all Chuck doesn’t need to punish himself and let the love of his life go because he failed their promise. I think 6.08 will be the moment when C&B will be together for sure. There is no pact anymore that can stop them now, and of course no Dan either like S5.

  4. claudiebam says:

    I hope next episode will bring us chair chair chair and many C and B moments >.<
    Specially.. I really wanna see Blair as pochaontas and C reactions xD

  5. LunaSeasMoonChild says:

    Is this the ep where they have Blair kind of, like, strip off her coat in front of Chuck? Is this the ep where we see Chuck seemingly down? Or is that a later ep?

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