6.06 Where the Vile Things Are – FASHION

The fashion of this episode left me a little puzzled. The dress she has at the beginning was cute, cool pink pumps and great handbag and perfect hair and make up, but that granny coat? I wasn’t too sure I liked it when I first saw it. On the other hand, the night look was flawless. Loved the outfit and the headband, the quarto pumps.


Blair Waldorf - 6x06 Where the Vile Things Are

Dolce&Gabbana collarless jacket, €2.020 / Valentino embroidered bag, €3.140 / Lyn Devon New “Ella” dress / Rupert Sanderson Suede Pumps


Blair Waldorf - 6x06 Where the Vile Things Are (2)

Peter Pilotto black peplum shirt, €590 / Peter Pilotto patterned skirt, €860 / Robert Clergerie shoes, €660 / Bulgari shoulder bag, €1.920 / Louis Vuitton Resort 2009 jacket


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6 thoughts on “6.06 Where the Vile Things Are – FASHION

  1. Laura says:

    the last ep was the most boring in the history of GG.. cb didn’t have a scene at least.I was a lil` happy for dan and serena.They look good together

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I found it boring too. I mean the Chuck/Nate and Eleanor/Blair stuff wasn’t that bad, I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the DS scenes although I haven’t shipped them since the half of S5… I may revaluate this ship. This ep was a little weird tho. Because the storylines didn’t seem bad but seemed dismantled with one another: DS were in their perfect world alone, Blair with her mom and Nelly, Chuck with Nate and then Lily/Ivy, and Rufus and Ivy. I like episodes that have more interactions of the characters with each other.

  2. claudiebam says:

    About this episode i have to say that even if C and B share no scenes, compared to the other episodes, this one isn’t that bad.

    Btw I loved the first outfit except the jacket D:

  3. Katherine says:

    Ok. The dress was amazing. And I love those shoes. But the coat? By the way … I know that each episode is not necessarily about Chuck and Blair. But they could at least give some brief moment. Something like in episode 6×02 … If there were any other series, so I do not mind. But they had only ten episodes, and now it is quite weak. I was expecting something else. This episode seemed like the most boring of the series (as well as 6×02).

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