On Set, last day – October 19th

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Yesterday was the last day of filming ever for everybody but I think for Kelly and Matthew (she confirmed her last day would be Monday), and the girl who does their hair on the show posted some pictures of the cast in what it looks like a retrospective look. All the guys have their Pilot hair, including Penn who probably has a wig unless he really cut his hair (Ed looks like he has a wig on too). I believe it’s pre Pilot because the hair stylist tweeted that it would be 2005 again – we know that GG’s first post was in that year, despite the events of the show start in 2007. Maybe this retrospective will show us who is the real Gossip Girl, who wrote the post first EVER… so that there won’t be fake GG’s like the ones we saw during S5 (Georgina, Serena), and no ways to hide. Basically I think they’ll spoil who the real GG is to the audience, and for that they need all of them looking like they were 15 or something. And look! Leighton is wearing her 1.07 headband in that pic with Blake! Good memories…


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7 thoughts on “On Set, last day – October 19th

  1. Laura says:

    in the first pic chuck has literally no way to have his hair like in season 1 and also his face changed a lot throughout the seasons..blair’s too

  2. claudiebam says:

    The end of gossip girl… it sound a little bitter and sad after all this years.
    I grew up with GG and just now I feel like when I read the last page of Harry Potter or see Its last movie… >.<

    I can't wait to see this whole season but i know (too well) when i will watch the last episode…the last minute… i will cry T_T

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english =P
    anyway I hope you can understand me

  3. Lauren says:

    Aww! Our babies! I never thought we’d see C’s & N’s s1 hair again in present day!! ❤

  4. madiken says:

    it’s so sad….

  5. Windy says:

    I feel so sad… So, so SAD. I grew up with this show.
    I’m so going to cry after seeing “New York, I love you XOXO”.

  6. Aline says:

    SO SO SOOO SAD, I’ll miss my babies :/

  7. Chair_fan says:

    I can’t believe it’s really happening… GG and Chair were like a drug for me, I don’twant it to end!! 😦 I guess I’m exagerating but that’s just how I feel….

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