Ed and Leighton on set, Oct. 17th


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12 thoughts on “Ed and Leighton on set, Oct. 17th

  1. Laura says:

    they’re finally let themselves been led by their string feelings for each other ❤

  2. claudiebam says:

    ❤ *-* so many beautiful photos in these days

  3. grace says:

    ” You must remember this/ A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh/The fundamental things apply/ As time goes by “

  4. Monika says:

    I’m afraid it may be goodbye kiss ;(
    But I hope they’re will be together in the end

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Goodbye kiss in 6.09, yep. But that should be before the event at night that concludes 6.09. CB are together when 6.10 starts, EL filmed last Friday at night. 6.09/6.10 are basically like a two-parts finale. So don’t worry, their clothes are the ones for 6.09 and of this I’m sure. Plus, they are married and together in the flash forward that will conclude the finale, we shouldn’t bother about this. It will just be another great emotional moment for them.

  5. Laura says:

    i read that he is very emotional in this scene,that he has tears in his eyes and in the pictures he seems very sad..does bart have smth to do with this?

  6. grace says:

    ” Every time we say goodbye/ I die a little/ Every time we say goodbye/ I wonder why a little/ Why the Gods above me/ Who must be in the know/ Think so little of me/ They allow you to go”

    Oh my god, so many feels. Chair feels, deLeightEd feels…

  7. Nichole says:

    Oh, my little “Chair” heart is bursting! I know they are actors and the characters are fictional, but it has to be emotion for them as it is for us. We love these characters for six seasons. The have BEEN these characters for six seasons. So, it really does look like Ed is feeling the emotions of the scene. They are saying goodbye to their on set families just like we are saying goodbye to our favorite UESers…~sigh~ This show!!!! Thank you so much for posting these pictures. There is just something about a man that rarely shows his emotions, but when he does it is heartfelt and I know that is what “Chuck” is going through in this scene. Damn!!! I am going to miss this show!!!!!

  8. Anya says:

    Damn. I know I am going to cry watchimg this scene. Even tho I know it all end well!
    And I honestly have no clue how I’ll be able to cope when the show’s OVER. I’ve never felt so attached to a tv show and its characters! 😦

  9. Chair_fan says:

    Hi everyone!! 🙂 sorry but I’ve been away for a while for some serious problems and unfortunately I couldn’t get all the news about the GG shootings… can anyone please tell me why everybody seems to be so sure that this “goodbye kiss” will happen in 6×09 and not in the finale?? cause these photos are really scaring me!! 😦

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Because EL are dressed like when they filmed 6.09: http://chuckandblair.us/2012/10/02/ed-and-leighton-on-set-october-2nd/#more-7637
      They film out of order and some of my let’s call ‘intels’ have confirmed that they were surely filming 6.09 with those outfits and not 6.10. Plus, they already filmed C&B’s wedding and flashfoward 5 years in the future, on that set Ed was wearing a wedding band and there also was their future kid, there is also a video where you see Leighton with the engagement ring next to Ed and look ‘intimate’ in the scene. I find it useless to be scared for nothing. At the very least this scene will give us chills and make us emotional, but not unhappy because we already know what will happen in the finale. If they didn’t have those outfits I would be worried too, but since they don’t… I think you should rejoice because the time to be sad because of GG it’s over and will only cause you anxiety over nothing.

      • Chair_fan says:

        ok thanks!! like I said I couldn’t see the other pics or videos, that’s why I was so worried, of course I don’t like being so for nothing!! thanks again!!

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