S6 Cosmopolitan Promo (New Chuck/CB scenes)


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8 thoughts on “S6 Cosmopolitan Promo (New Chuck/CB scenes)

  1. Anya says:

    wtf is that footage of Ed and some random girl? that’s not GG, right?

    and how do you feel about the uk E!online spoiler?


    Dan and Serena? Or Chuck and Blair? Do we know anything about Serena-Steven scenes after 6×06?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Nope, it’s from Ed’s movie Chalet Girl. If you haven’t seen it go look for it because he’s really cute in it 😀

      I honestly consider both C&B and D&S core couples because let’s not forget DS were the main story in S1… but Steven and Sage remain until the last episode (at least I’m pretty sure Steven will be staying up to Thanksgiving, but Sage as we saw from the set pics, will remain till 6.10) and it looks like Steven wants to be serious with Serena because he buys her an engagement ring in ep 6 or 7, can’t remember. The only thing I know about DS for the next eps are that they end 6.05 together – someone went on set and saw them in a restaurant post Cotillion, it seemed as if Dan was comforting her post sextape aftermath but then Serena leaves, they end up the next ep on the Vespa chased by paps and I don’t believe they hook up again although they have a lot of scenes at Serena’s bedroom on 6.07… so I don’t know, I am of the idea that Dan wouldn’t have sex with her again after all of his morals about it in 5.24, and Serena wouldn’t fall into old patterns, would she.

      About CB, on the other hand, they’re still NOT together as you expect a couple to be, and I am really convinced that Chuck will use the card of restraint for the next couple of episodes, but I’m sure he’ll give in soon, he is a man after all. lol. Like, IDK, on the still for 6.04 where CB are walking together, it seems as if C’s shirt is untucked badly in his pants and Blair is fixing her jacket! lol, barn sex anyone? But this is just an idea, we may be fantasizing too much. I think CB more than DS is the core couple everyone wants to see finally together and happy. At this point will all the guest stars, many don’t even care where characters like Nate or Serena (and even Dan) end up.

  2. Laura says:

    at least we know that blair comes at the empire in 6×04 and that chuck comes at her cotilion in 6×05..and he’s smilng in both scenes.finally something good to wait for

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      It doesn’t seem they end 6.05 badly as I thought when callsheets came out, that’s a good thing.

      • Laura says:

        but i’ve heard that chuck and blair finish the 6×03 together..at waldorf’s..is it true?

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        From what I know and the callsheet, that’s likely. I say that’s likely because on the sheets it said that their scene together, first with Dorota, then alone, would close the episode… I wondered because it was scene 38 or something when an episode is usually made by max 55 scenes. But I’m sure something happens at the Waldorfs with C&B, in the promo I posted the other day you can see Blair taking a bottle of champagne next to her bed, I doubt she’d open it alone or with Dorota.

  3. Karolina says:

    I hope this spoiler doesn’t concern Blair and Nate 😉

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