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Thanks to some kind soul, we got a little callsheet regarding the season finale – that they started filming yesterday. The very last episode of the series will be called “New York I love you, XOXO” and I suppose is based on the omonimous movie (minus the XOXO) from 2009 that was made of mini stories about love. Everyone was on set, even guest stars such as Katie Cassidy and Desmond Harrington came for the finale. Now I don’t know what Juliet Sharp as to do there, but maybe Jack is getting back because of something regarding to Bart. Apparently everyone but Ed and Leighton, Matt, Kelly and Robert – that were, however, on set (the only absent was Ed because his trailer was nowhere to be seen); filmed scenes on the MET steps. If you want to take a look, you can watch a short video here. I have no idea what they’re doing, but that is not what let’s just say, makes me curious. Like I said everyone but EL, Matt, Kelly and Robert were there, Michelle included. She and Penn were close in the scene, and he was carrying a bouquet of what it looked like white peonies, with a blue and white ribbon. Michelle was carrying a white box that looked like the ones used to put cakes or dresses in it. It made me wonder, why the hell Dan and Georgina carry those things? Above all, why Dan is carrying a bouquet?! That made me wonder even more until someone spotted THIS on the nearby set in Central Park. Leighton, Blake and Penn filmed at that place, and as you saw from the pictures I posted, Leighton had a beautiful blue gown with her hair up and a sparkly headband on her head… she looked like a princess. Thanks to the callsheet we know that Blair and Serena talk and Dan overhears them, STILL carrying the damn bouquet as you can see here. We can’t know more because the callsheet is cropped, but I’ll say let’s use our imagination to think about what all of this could possibly mean. 😉 I’ll just add this post I made for a CB challenge so you can imagine more, hehe.


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5 thoughts on “Season Finale Title

  1. claudiebam says:

    Too much.. this is too much >.< i wanna know eh eh
    thank you for sharing all this information 😉

  2. I have a bad feeling Blair ends up with Dan…… Just saying. If you can prove my instincts completely and totally wrong, please do not hesitate to do so. I need reassurance :-<

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I think you’re being too pessimistic about it. Dan with the bouquet in hand doesn’t mean anything, above all if CB will wed or get endgaged in the finale. It’s usually the mother or maid of honor or a friend that gives the flowers to the bride, never the groom because they’re not supposed to see their future wife the day before. But it’s possible both Dan and Georgina want to sabotage something – we know there will be an event (probably formal) on episode 6.10 and tonight they’ll be shooting overnight. And since Dan is going dark and just wants revenge on the people of the UES, he’d do anything to accomplish his goal, hehe. I’m thinking he might actually kidnanp Chuck and someone is going to ‘save’ him.

  3. claudiebam says:

    It would be ridiculous 😡 please I dont’ even think about that possibility

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