Leighton On Set – October 11th

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10 thoughts on “Leighton On Set – October 11th

  1. Laura says:

    are these pic from the last ep?
    and is there any chance she and chuck get married?because that dress is very formal and i don’t think she’d go to a random party dressed like this..and with that headband..or it’s their wedding or maybe a party for her and chuck to announce their engagement..idk

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yeah but count that this is just the first day of filming. They’ll finish next week. I don’t think it’s impossible for them to either getting married or announce their engagement, in that dress. Even Lily at her wedding with Rufus, was dressed with a formal fuchsia gown.

      • AdoreCB says:

        Like everyone else I really asked myself if this is a CB wedding or their engagement party. I tried to find a hint but than I realized that the peonies in Dan’s hands have a blue band. The same blue color like the dress of Blair. And I don’t think she would be holding a bouquet at her engagement party. I’m german, so I don’t know if Americans do that. And there was also the argument that she is wearing blue and not white, but we shouldn’t forget that it is her second wedding and maybe she wanted wear another color. 
        These are my thoughts. I really should stop reading spoilers 😀 

        And sorry for my English like I said I’m German. 

  2. Anya says:

    K, I was skeptical about the whole “CB are getting married” thing, ’cause we all know the GGWs like playing cruel jokes on us sometimes. I mean would they really just shoot Blair in her wedding gown in a bright day light? With Dan carrying the bouquet and everything? But I guess it’s just me trying not to get my hopes up just yet. On the other hand, when I saw the carriage, it made me really wanna believe something good was happening! Like I’d really want all the characters to get together to help C and B finally get married. And Serena is making B get into that carriage that will bring her to Chuck and they get married by the end of the episode. I’m not sure Dan should be the one bringing the flowers tho. Neither should Georgina be there. And the thing that bothers me the most they were all dressed in grays and blacks. Serena didn’t look like she was about to me the maid of honor at her bbf’s wedding ceremony!

    So do you guys believe it’s real? Like CB are getting married and that’s B’s wedding gown??

    • Katherine says:

      That is what I fear. Originally I thought that the whole “CB wedding” is just silly. In addition, clothes do not look like a wedding dress. On the other hand, there is no rule that a wedding dress should be white, right? And really suits her. But other clothing amazes me. Maybe the actors were not dressed. And then I saw the photo, which is a box labeled “Peonies.” This would refer to Blair. But where is Chuck? I hope that Blair eventually will not marry someone else. And I fear that such a message, such as CB wedding, the writers would not just let publish. So I left only to hope that a miracle happened and I really longed to see an happy ending

    • Laura says:

      maybe not the wedding dress..but at leat an engagement party.It would be too cruel from them not to unite c and b for good..not only make them be together,but make a commitment..

      • Anya says:

        Engagement party, sure. But the thing is, you don’t carry bouquets at engagement parties, right? Maybe it’s there to simply confuse us? Cause things just don’t add up. idk.

        I really HOPE the GGWs have a wedding planned for us. Cause they know we really want it to happen and will be very disappointed if Chuck and Blair don’t end up together (like REALLY together, married and committed to each other for real this time). So far it just looks to me like an endless supply of drama. Like other major things will be happening up to 6×10. I just want them to slow the f down already and just give us a beautiful Chair wedding. We deserve it!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so sick of all the action and guest stars with their secrets. Geez.

  3. claudiebam says:

    Did someone notice that Blair haven’t the necklace with the ring?

    • Laura says:

      maybe she’ll wear it on the finger…i would be terribly dissappointed if they don’t reunite them for good until the last ep..after i’ve seen the uk promo i don’t know what to think anymore..I’m really sad right now

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Please don’t be sad. I’m sure the reason why she hasn’t the necklace nor the ring, is that that is possibly a wedding. I know people don’t want to get their hopes up for that, but think about the bouquet Dan is holding… she wouldn’t need it if she didn’t have to use it for something. And I’m conviced that the writers wouldn’t end GG without a CB wedding or at least engagement. It’s Josh Schwartz we’re talking about. He and Stephanie are romantic – unlike Safran.

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