6.01 Gone Maybe Gone – FASHION

Gossip Girl’s fashion is back! And so are patterns. We know how much they love to have Blair wear all kinds of weird patterns, same as Chuck. This episode was filled with polka dots and flowers, python and plaid. I really liked Blair’s “let’s go find Serena” outfit as much as I liked her Parisian one. I don’t know, maybe I learned to appreciate everything about fashion, even if it seemed too ‘granny’ or tacky. On to the outfits now… (I didn’t put the Monte Carlo flashback one because we already knew it from 5.24).

Blair Waldorf 6x01 Gone Maybe Gone (2)
Onion Jacket by Dolce & Gabbana, €865 / “Jai” Leather satchel by Angel Jackson /Sherel’s Beret / House of Lavande chocker
Blair Waldorf 6x01 Gone Maybe Gone

Prada wrap sleeveless top / Lorick skirt / Fendi “Silvana” Handbag


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2 thoughts on “6.01 Gone Maybe Gone – FASHION

  1. Katherine says:

    I know it’s unrelated to the topic, but I have two questions. When will be Chuck and Blair officially a couple? I have a feeling that I read somewhere spoiler that they soon get together, but I can not remember when. And how it was with Bart and Chuck’s mother? Sometime in the second season Bart said that he loved her very much (plus date of birth he used it as a code of safe), but she told Serena that she never loved him. Besides, I have a feeling that Chuck still has a photo of her exposed in the room.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      We don’t really know when they will if you think by episode 6.09 she still has the ring on the necklace. As today I don’t think there’s a spoiler about that, possibly only that they’ll keep the promise but they will do couple-y things I guess 🙂 we don’t know anything about Chuck’s mother either, I wonder if they will discuss it soon before it ends or they will leave it that the woman in S3 was his mother for real… and I believe Bart loved Chuck’s mother but that they weren’t married when he was born. And Chuck has been deluded by that woman in S3 so he still is convinced that his mother died giving birth to him (the woman of the picture he has in his room) so he chose to believe that woman in S3 wasn’t his mother after she told him so – although the audience knows thanks to the scene of her and Jack at the end of 3.16 that she apparently lied to Chuck.

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