Speculation Post: Who will fail their to-do list? & more

I desperately needed a break from my studies and so I decided to write this post. I wouldn’t see it’s quick and short, we’ll see. The main reason why I’m writing this it’s because I haven’t written a speculation post in so long and I honestly was missing doing it. Second reason, I just wanted to give my opinion on a recent video and spoilers. I haven’t posted the video because in my opinion it’s too spoilery, but if you want to check it out, click on this comment and like I said, beware because you may be spoiled big time. Anyway, on to the point I want to discuss. Remember that there are spoilers and that if you don’t want to be spoiled, you need to stay away from this post. If you still want to read this post, just read the first point. The second regards Ausiello‘s spoiler.

1) Season Premiere disappointments regarding Chuck and Blair’s relationship status

I don’t usually read other people’s reactions to the episodes besides the ones on my twitter timeline or tumblr, and through them, I see a few people who were annoyed at how things went down on the Premiere episode regarding CB. They complained that they wanted C&B already together and as a couple and already engaged… I beg to differ that. Of course I want Chuck and Blair engaged and married by the end of the season, but like Chuck said in the Montecarlo scene “We have all the time of the world” – even if that time is essentially made of other nine episodes. What I want to say is that Chuck and Blair need to fix themselves and find their own dimension before they can be together for good. They need to balance the two things so they won’t make big mistakes for one or the other thing. After all, they’re not together but they technically are, Blair owns the ring now, and like you saw, they are all cute towards each other like newlyweds. I don’t get why we can’t wait for a couple of episodes and get to the point slowly, not rushed, so that our engagement will be more memorable and real. Because as much as I wanted it, Chuck couldn’t just get back with Blair as her fiancé “Mr Blair Waldorf”, after all the things that have happened last season between them and all the times Blair decided to run away from him instead of getting serious and face her fears of being with him. I think it’s right she’s the one waiting now. But now there is a promise, a committment to each other, not just that “Maybe in the future” from episode 4.09. Their future together is just around the corner and their seriousness towards each other is defined by the ring Blair is wearing around her neck. I’ll just say “patience”. C&B are already together and in two months-TV time, we’ll have them together officially.

2. Who will fail? – Ausiello’s spoiler

Basically he implies that one of them won’t be lucky enough with his/her career and will make the promise of doing everything they have to do, to show their parents that they can do it. Let’s analyze. We know few things. Blair now owns Waldorf Designs and thanks to callsheets, we know that there will be a fashion show on episode 6.03 where she’ll show the new collection to the world, while on episode 6.07 she throws a party for the opening of a pop-up store of her atelier. This sounds like an accomplishment to me, doesn’t it? Blair on this side has an ‘easier’ task because we know how much her mother believes in her and that she trusts her taste for all things fashion and management, so her job is now trying to prove her that she’s right putting all that faith in her daughter. Of course I don’t want to underestimate Blair’s task, but I believe she can succeed faster than Chuck. Speaking of him, let’s take a look at what we know he’ll do up to episode 6.07 (because after we don’t have material that can help us imagine). Chuck is investigating Bart’s past with Amira, his Arabian translator. I think she’ll just appear in the next episode, then she won’t anymore but she’ll be mentioned (we know it thanks to callsheets). By 6.04 we know that Chuck and Blair investigate about a certain horse, named Lady Alexander. I don’t know what happens and if he uncovers something new, but I remember a video of the audition of the girl who’ll play a horsewoman in this episode leaked one month ago, and both Chuck and Blair talked to her and she seemed to know things about Bart’s past in Dubai – that’s probably why Chuck went there in the premiere. By what we know, on episode 6.07 Chuck owns a microfilm catching Bart in compromising positions, apparently, but Lily destroys it in the fireplace (I think the episode title “Save the Last Chance” refers to Chuck trying to save a proof against Bart). So basically he has nothing, still nothing to use to fight against his father. Looking at set pictures from last week where Nate was arrested and Chuck seems to be arguing with a stiff Bart, I believe that he still has nothing on episode 6.09. This naturally doesn’t prove anything, but comparatively, it shows that Chuck may indeed be the one whose goals aren’t accomplished and that may not find the chance to be accomplished. Read the last point to understand, but I warn you it’s spoilery.

3. Pre Finale Cliffhanger

As every GG finale comes along, we get a cliffhanger to keep us hanging before the very end. This year I thought we wouldn’t get a bigger one because this IS the very end of the series, but I was wrong. As Leighton confirmed in a recent interview: “I’ve heard that there’s going to be a gigantic cliffhanger with Chuck’s dad, Blair and Chuck in the second-to-last episode that’s resolved in the finale.” – What would that be? We got (?) our answer the day after this interview was posted, as a set video was found on youtube. Now I’m going to discuss this video so if you want to stop reading you have to do it now… hehe. Set reports had us wondering when someone saw Leighton ‘hanging on a cliff’ on a rooftop of a building at night. We didn’t have any pics to prove that, but a Ed picture in a tux. Watching the spoilery vid, we clearly see Ed, Robert and Leighton on that rooftop, and the scene showing Chuck giving a punch or trying to avoid one, and then face his father on the ledge, almost falling off, then he is joined by Blair as Bart says some words and then falls. The scene is itself confusing, but what would’ve happened? I realized something then. When Bart is finally free to walk outside like before, on episode 5.23, the police arrests Andrew Tyler. He confessed that some other businessman wanted to kill Bart or harm his family two years before if he didn’t collaborate with him, and so he did. He was sentenced (I guess at least, lol) and Bart came out of hiding on episode 5.24. But there’s an unresolved plot here! What happened to the man who wanted to kill him and ordered the PI to help him? HUH? As always I tried to imagine the scenario. We know 6.09 helds an event at a hotel, I suppose. Everyone is there but Rufus and Lily (taking a look at sightings). So if this is really the case, this man may be there to and the final OMFG/WTF and moment for Bart’s secret to be unveiled, can happen. He could take him on the roof and the two may have a brawl and then Bart falls while Chuck tries to defend him and runs away with Blair before the man could regain consciousness? Mmmh. Or else the bad guy here is Bart and he wants to harm Blair, but this can happen only if Bart is not Bart but a con artist. Hehe.


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8 thoughts on “Speculation Post: Who will fail their to-do list? & more

  1. Lauren says:

    oh wow…that’s alot to take in. Interesting specs. heh. Def makes me feel better about the spoilers too. XD

  2. grace says:

    I think it’s time for Chuck and Blair burn their “Be Your Own Windkeeper” ASAP lol. Blair will have some moments in Waldorf Designs but in the end she’ll be fine but Chuck will probably not have the same luck. I don’t want to think too much about Pre Finale but i hope everything ends well. Perhaps it would be nice if the fandom could watch “Charade” all together someday. I don’t know, they will have a scene inspired in the movie and it’s not the first time they rip off a whole plot of a movie.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I agree! Charade is definitely the movie that inspired 6.09 imo. We know it will have its own dream at the beginning of the episode, I’m sure it will inspire other things too – see episodes like 3.06 or 5.07 for example.

  3. kalinesska says:

    OMG 😀 it looks like Chuck just killed his father :O

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I wouldn’t put it that way lol I mean the first thought I had was that they had a fight and then Bart falls off the ledge, but since Ed moves his arms in the air, it makes me think there is another piece of the scene linked to that one… after all, they filmed for two hours on that rooftop so there must be more action.

  4. Laura says:

    i’m thinking if in this season,in ep 7 actually, they’ll do something which will involve blair and chuck…like in every season,ep 7 is like a flashback to victor,victrola<3

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