ASK Ausiello – October 9th

Question: Will Chuck and Blair get married in the Gossip Girl series finale? —Annie
Ausiello: Don’t know. I will say that one of them will fail to accomplish an important item on their pre-engagement to-do list, potentially rendering their little agreement null and void.



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14 thoughts on “ASK Ausiello – October 9th

  1. Aline says:

    oh lord!

    • claudiebam says:

      I just thinking… what does it mean? Trouble for chair maybe?

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I think he meant that one of them won’t care he or she didn’t accomplish her/his goal and understand that he/she has to take the chance and maybe get serious (engagement or marriage) to the other although he/she didn’t get what he/she wanted. Honestly, we know from callsheets that Blair successfully opens a pop up store on ep. 6.07, while as for Chuck, he is still trying to do something against Bart on episode 6.09. Maybe he is the one not accomplishing his goal – that tbh it’s long and hard to achieve compared to Blair’s, because she already has the company in her hands and only has not to make it fail. Chuck has nothing at the moment, nothing but Blair.

  2. Meli says:

    I knew it I had a bad feeling this whole pack things is just nuts!!!!! Not good enough GG writers!!!!!!!!

  3. Laura says:

    what does he mean for “rendering their little agreement null and void.”? he meant they will break up for good or they will finally reunite despite their “pact”?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      They can’t break up, imo. Because they’re not even together – they are together just symbolically, not pratically, so they are not factually together as a couple would be together. Their pact is a promise to be together for real (that including Blair wearing the ring to enforce their being together) when they’ll accomplish their goals, so that they won’t give attention to one thing – whether it be the person or the career (like IDK, the IP in S3). What I mean is that in my opinion, this spoiler means that one of them at some point will make the pact null, zero. Because he or she will understand that they won’t need to fix their things before they can be together, or other factors will void and null their “prove our parents we can have a career before we can be engaged”. If you saw the set video from October 4 (that I haven’t posted because it’s too much spoilery) I think you understand what is the ‘other factor’ I’m talking about, but I’ll post the link anyway – It is, indeed, super spoilery, so watch at your own risk (it’s for episode 6.09):

      • AdoreCB says:

        I Saw that Spoiler, i wish i wouldn’t have seen it because it is just too much.
        But I hope it is just a dream of chuck or maybe Blair.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I know there will be a dream on episode 6.09 because of casting calls, but it could be. But the possibility of it to be true are lots, one of them being the unresolved story of episode 5.23… I can make a blog post about it with a read more so I can give my view of the whole thing if you want. 😉

  4. Laura says:

    i know it has nothing to do with the post,but does anyone now if there will be a flashback about how chuck gave the ring to blair?or if there will be any flashback with them from the summer?

  5. Katherine says:

    How well is it? I did not understand it at the end … They are engaged? Or he just asks her to marry him, and she just has a ring on you? And I want to know what happened in Monte Carlo. what exactly was the agreement …

  6. Mrschuckbasshole says:

    wait I just saw that video but it had nothing to do with chuck and Blair. it was mostly all about chuck and Bart ?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yeah, but she comes next to him towards the end of the scene they were filming even tho of course the main thing is between Chuck and Blair and maybe someone else

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