Afterthoughts: Gone Maybe Gone [SEASON 6 PREMIERE]

“Welcome Back Upper Eastsiders, call me superstitious, but I got a feeling this fall could be my last season. Let’s face it, I’ve been at this a long time, but age breeds wisdom and this I know… the best has yet to come.”

– Gossip Girl

Well Gossip Girl is back and entering it’s last and finale season! And for the first of 10 final episodes, it wasn’t too shabby. Good job Gossip Girl, you only made me cringe on certain parts! And while I may have sobbed my eyes out now and again, I can’t help but be a little anxious. Now I know, it’s a little crazy for me to be even a bit anxious… but there’s something in my stomach, fluttering,  Could it be… butterflies?

I think after after so many years of waiting and hoping, this show is finally giving back what it has ripped apart from us time and time again. Oh yea, the time of waiting is almost over people. To think it only took the writers a few years to get it right. Nice of these writers to get it right! Huzzah!

With the all the heartache and the drama… well there’s still drama, but less so? I think it’s save to say this may actually end in… well let me not hatch my eggs before they’re ready to be hatched. At least I hope that’s how the phrase is said… 

Any who, onward with these thoughts of mine:

Has anyone ever thanked the Gossip Girl editing team: Hey, man you are amazing. Thank you for all that you do because seriously amazing. If not, then someone should send them a care package… It was just a nice thought. Just gonna throw that out there.

The opening started off basically 20 minutes after the ending of last season (aka 4 months ago). With Chuck and Blair*ahem* getting reacquainted in Monte Carlo, Dan and Georgie apparently taking the whole UES one typewriter at time (this might have been longer than 20 mins), Nate finding Gossip Girl identity (give you a hint Nate: It’s not between a 17-year-girl’s-legs), and Serena’s OD in the the train sit (which, makes no sense on how only one person manage to notice someone dying in back)

Makes you not wonder how everyone else spent their summer vacation, right? Wrong, we have no choice but to listen to what everyone did in the last few months…

Apparently, spending time away did good for the newly restored van der Bass because Lily and Bart renewed their vows… you know, not in front of people who matter or anything. But the pair looked refreshed and happier than ever! If there were ever two people who deserved each other it would be them… I mean have you seen how little respect/attention they give to their children? It is near amazing. (And I always get way too excited to see Vaya)

Alas, something is terribly wrong! Apparently Serena hasn’t been home all summer *gasp* or not so much since Serena apparently does so often that Lily almost doesn’t care. But there are boxes! And that’s when Lily actually manages to seem concern for her only daughter.

So goes the search of: Where’s Waldo!Serena…

Next up is… Nate, who seems like he has a rather interesting story line… with the Spectator -.- And a another yet younger guest star! Huzzah! I am so intrigued… for a least a quarter of a second!

So guess who’s about to spice Nate’s story line? That’s right another round of: Where on Earth is Serena van der Woodsen?

Guess who’s up to play next: Serena’s best friend or ex-best friend, who is currently in Paris, working. At least we know Blair is consist and we can locate her if anything should go wrong. I think we call that consideration. Blair like Lily and Nate doesn’t want to believe anything has gone wrong at first so tickle pink when she does look rather concern about Serena. Because after the last spat, it was rather clear that Blair was done with Serena.

What can I say I’m a sucker for friendship.

The great thing about this “Telephone game” is that they are using actual cell phones… I find this amusing for my own reasons.

So guess who Blair calls… Chuck! Lol no… It’s our favorite judgmental poorly written fanfiction  writer: Dan. But it’s not Dan who answers, no, it’s Georgie! Who has finally got some new dirt on Serena, oh joy. Because nothing scream great plot like taking down Serena… oh wait haven’t we seen this before? I think Crazy!Julie called and she’s resentful.

But wait aren’t we missing an UES?

Leave it to Georgie, to end the fabulous game of telephone. But hello there Chuck! Looking brighter and more handsome than ever 😉 (He has his own little subplot, but part of me just really wants to see if it goes anywhere).

So the age old question remains: Where is Serena? And hell if Gossip Girl cares…

One thing is certain, Serena really knows how to bring her friends together, so there’s that.

Did anyone find it a bit sad that Bart was rooting for Chair in S1 and S2… but come back from the dead and it’s like noooo. WAY TO BE A SHIP JUMPER… But really who’s going to stop them from eventually being together? Really?

Georgie and Dan really get to me and I would tell you why, but I have a feeling not too many people would care or agree. But they are basically bring out the worst and worst in each other and I love it.

But… Chuck and Blair are a completely different story. They were basically eye screwing each other it was perfect. I mean what? Eh, just go with it. And don’t we all just wish it could have gone on longer 😉

Rufus/Lily moments were really kind of like a buzzing in my ear and a blur on my screen. I knew they were happening but I didn’t care. Sorry, if you were really anxious to know more about them. And really the heavily implication on Ivy/Rufus… gags. I’m sorry to all the Vufus shippers who never got their chance. I sure it was hard to watch.

Back to story lines that matter: Serena’s whereabouts… they really dragged it out as long as they could, didn’t they? But we did get our fix on NJBC! And Nate was actually useful! Omg what is going on? The writers actually learn to use one and the other? O_O

But can we all just agree that NJBC is essentially one of the best things about Gossip Girl because of reasons. And while I didn’t love Dan as part of the group, it was mainly Georgie’s fault that he was there… But I love Georgie way too much to blame her. Plus she drove off without Dan, can I get a high five?

We’ve more-or-less landed in the Promo-realm because that basically what happens after they find Serena (Sabrina).  The only thing that was difference was Georgie saying “cult” every five seconds like a kid on a sugar rush.

Also Serena’s dress was gorgeous, her boobs though, had a full cameo role and everything.

Now, I love Blair… despite her faults and she has quiet a few of them. But actually agreeing with Georgie on the medical problem thing. What on earth possessed Blair to thinking that Georgie was right? And far be it from me to stop Blair slapping Dan when he deserves it, but he didn’t really do anything and Blair owes him nothing. Blair didn’t really love him and he certainly believed Serena so much that he essentially cheated on Blair… So what did they really need to discussing?

Now, Serena slapping Dan… totally warranted. Had he said that to me, I more or less would have punched him. How dare he after all they’ve been through? He was being an utter jerk to her. Mind you, that she left him alone when he asked her to. She walked away and got better because she wasn’t around that mess. I was rooting for her this entire episode.

I am having way more Serena feelings, than I thought I would.

As for the stunt Blair and Georgie pulled… Can I just say, that Serena did not deserve it? No matter, how much Blair thought she was right, she wasn’t and it wasn’t fair to have Serena dragged back after all that has happen. And then the speech she gave to her so called friends on where were they? Jfc, you are not allowed Serena.

I need to stop with this feelings, ok? Someone take them away…

But pulling away from them because Dan apparently has not said enough douchy things to people. Can he just not speak? And if he does, can there be like a limit? Ugh. I am so over Dan, he needs to go back with Vanessa… aka far, far away.

Now, I love Blerena friendship, it’s honestly my favorite… I, however, know that once again Blair manage to kind of not fight for it again. It’s so true about the “stuck” quote. Pulling on the heart stings, no, GG? I THOUGHT THEY WOULD BE OK!? WHY ARE THEY NOT OK!?

Being of semi-sane mind, I realized I was sobbing for their friendship… but then I was hysterical for the Chair portion because it was beautiful and simple. I just… Chuck Bass, how dare you? How dare you make me sob my eyes and think it’s in one shape or form ok? Because it’s not.


(also caplock not necessary and it was way long but I’m sort of exhausted and it made no sense…. will edit mistakes later and it’s like 1 so forgive me)


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One thought on “Afterthoughts: Gone Maybe Gone [SEASON 6 PREMIERE]

  1. blairwaldorf09 says:

    I honestly wanted to just bawl at the end. Like. BEST CB SCENE EVER. Well the episode was full of them. I’m kind of glad B slapped Dan, he kind of deserved it, And he’s acting all offended that B chose Chuck over him and she isn’t with him. Like I’m sorry dude, weren’t you the one who slept with Serena out of spite, and then cut Serena out of your life because she made a sex tape? Shall we permanently tattoo HYPOCRITE on your forehead because at least Blair didn’t cheat on you while you were still technically dating.

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