Episodes 6.07 and 6.08 callsheet parts

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Yesterday someone went on set and got some callsheets for both episodes 6.07 and 6.08. Apparently they were finishing the 7th and starting the 8th, of which we don’t know the title yet. There’s nothing relevant for CB in these callsheets. For now they’ll just have two scenes, one supposedly in the morning set at Chuck’s suite, and another one supposedly at night because of its number, still at Chuck’s. Ed was also spotted near the studios wearing a silk pajama, like I said the CB scenes could be set at times where Chuck would have to wear his sleep clothes. We also have scenes of Blair with Serena and Dorota at her atelier and Serena helping Blair to scheme with Sage? Uhm, I wonder why they have to scheme in this episode too, but looking at the papers it looks as if everyone wants to get rid of Georgina at this point. – source


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