eonline Spoilers – September 13th

caa1317: @KristinDSantos Know anything about the ring that Blair is wearing around her neck? Looks like a wedding band #GossipGirl
So very Carrie Bradshaw, right? The bad news is we can’t spill the beans on that right now. But the good news is that you definitely will find out what that’s all about in the first episode back! So it’s not too long a wait.

anniebear_xo: Any scoop on the status of Blair/Serena’s friendship in Gossip Girl?
We hear that in the final season, producers really want to bring Blair and Serena’s friendship back to being “front and center, just like in season one.” So expect lots of drama on that front.

source: eonline.com


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3 thoughts on “eonline Spoilers – September 13th

  1. Chair18 says:


    For me Blair and Chuck are married in the first episode that’s why Blair is wearing a ring.
    And she is wearing it around her neck because they don’t want anybody to know except Nate. Like they said in some spoilers their relationship is secret and the new girl will blackmail them when she finds out.

    • Moozannanna says:

      I thinks your right… This might justify Ausiello’s previous spoiler about a popular couple getting hitched in the premier

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