Spoilers for episode 6×02

Hi everyone! It’s Sunday but we got something new to talk about… last month I didn’t post any information about these spoilers because ahem, I forgot and I didn’t have the time. I’m referring to tumblr spoilers of course. One of the girls who has some infos is fuckyeahleightonandian, who posted a sum of spoilers she knows from 6.01 and 6.02 and that you can read at the link I posted. We know via promos that some of them are true. Last month this other girl went on set because of her dad being friend with the director of episode 6.02, and she saw them filming some scenes, one of Dan and Nate, one of Blair and Dorota, and another of Bart and Lily. She decided to release the infos she knows  of the Blair/Dorota scene. Here’s the summary:

Blair and Dorota had a conversation about Blair’s future where Blair looks at a picture of her mother and Dorota comes up behind her and goes: She know you can do it Ms. Blair.

Blair then says something like: I hope your right for the sake of my future here and with Chuck

The same day much more shooting went on.  If someone can guess the basis of anything I know I will reveal!

Blair is wearing the ring in the scene.  This was a very small scene and like I said, it doesn’t give a lot away.  All you can find from this is that Blair is mostly focused on her relationship with Chuck and her career.  However, she stretches herself too thin when she decides one week before her first fashion show to redo the whole line.  This causes some bad things for B in 6×03.

You could see B’s chain.


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