TVLine: Gossip Girl Bosses on the Last Obstacle For ‘Chair’ and More

Gossip Girl will be silenced for good this December when the CW soap comes to an end after six years of love, lies and debauchery. What does the final 10-episode season hold in store for the UES crew? In the following Q&A, exec producer Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman drop exclusive intel on the much-anticipated end game — including scoop on “Chair,” “Dair” and the show’s titular rabble rouser.
TVLINE | What’s keeping Chuck and Blair apart at this point?
GOODMAN | After all of this buildup, they now understand what it would mean for them to be together. The main obstacle is [them figuring out what] they need as separate people.
SAVAGE | The stakes are really high for them. They can’t rush into anything or do anything half-baked.
TVLINE | Dan and Blair — are they over?
SAVAGE | They may be over, but all parties may not be on the same page about that.
TVLINE | When we left off, Dan was headed to Italy with Georgina.
SAVAGE | Dan definitely makes good on his plan and sets off with Georgina to Italy. But he comes back from overseas with something to spring on the Upper East Side.
TVLINE | How much of Georgina’s darkness will rub off on him?
GOODMAN | I like the dark, so I’m actually really excited about Dan this season. [Laughs] What might seem dark under Georgina is really just Dan finally claiming [his] power. He’s been dismissed by [the gang] for a long time and he’s realizing his power might lie in a different place. It’ll be a more hell-bent and darker Dan than we have necessarily seen, but I think it’s very in keeping with his character.
TVLINE | How does Serena’s new love interest, played by Barry Watson, compare to her previous suitors?
SAVAGE | He’s a grown-up. He’s from Serena’s world, but he’s found his own way. He’s someone with real life experience. He’s patient and very understanding and has a strong sense of humor.
TVLINE | Is she ready for a mature relationship?
SAVAGE | The theme of adulthood is something that we’re really playing with in this last run. We’ve kind of gone back to Nate’s speech from the pilot when he and Chuck were walking in Central Park wondering, “Are we really going to end up being just like our parents.” A lot of our characters are dealing with issues where they’re fully adults now, and that’s definitely true of Serena.
TVLINE | What about Nate?
SAVAGE | Nate is trying to run The Spectator on his own without any crazy entanglements from financial partners and he’s figuring out that that’s not as easy as it might seem.
TVLINE | Any hope you can offer Lily/Rufus fans?
SAVAGE | Bart Bass is a pretty formidable opponent. That’s all I’ll say. [Laughs]
TVLINE | How big a role will Serena and Blair’s friendship play this season?
SAVAGE | Blair and Serena’s friendship is really a spine for this whole season. They’re relationship is the premise for this show. So we’re really focusing a lot on that this year. And certainly the finale will focus on it as well.
GOODMAN | They are very strong in the last two episodes.
TVLINE | Any familiar faces returning for the finale? Vanessa? Jenny? Eric?
SAVAGE | We definitely, without giving anything away, hope to see some familiar faces in the finale.
TVLINE | Will Gossip Girl be unmasked?
GOODMAN | That’s a secret we will never tell. [Laughs]


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