6.06 “Where the Vile Things Are” – Callsheets

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Callsheets for the scenes filmed yesterday and in the next few days. No Chair scenes on these ones, just Dan and Serena on the Vespa which we had filming pics of yesterday, a DB scene, and Blair with Nelly Yuki on the MET steps. Here you can read the report of a fan who saw filming yesterday. Sadly no CB at this place but these scenes are only at a fund raiser party as you can read on the sheet, and we still have room for some at the beginning or the end of the episode or before the party. Plus, I know many of you are annoyed that we still don’t know if they are together or not. If you notice Leighton’s pictures with the granny coat, you can distinguish a little on her neck that she’s wearing a necklace, possibly the one with the ring around it. Thanks to @GGirlsss for the pictures of the sheets!


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