VIDEO – CW Fall 2012 Preview with CB scenes from 6×01!


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9 thoughts on “VIDEO – CW Fall 2012 Preview with CB scenes from 6×01!

  1. Mayra says:

    this made my day

  2. wait does that mean S is the one who gets married in the first episode? WHAT?

  3. Tiffany says:

    What does Blair say at the end? “I’m all in,” was that it? Either way, they look good and are back in their rightful place: together. Cannot wait for October!

  4. kalinesska says:

    I don’t hear what they are telling each other 😦

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The audio at the end is terribly bad and I don’t know why, but Blair says “I’m all in” and Chuck says “My bet is on us”.

  5. Milou says:

    I hope that means what they are trying to make it look like.. “My bet is on us” 😀

  6. Moozanna says:

    so EXCITED!!!! Yea!!!

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