CW confirms 10 episodes for GG’s 6th season

It has been confirmed by CW’s president Mark Pedovitz that Gossip Girl’s 6th and final season will have 10 episodes. Are you happy or sad about it? Are ten episodes enough to close all the stories of the show?

Gossip Girl, which is entering its final, 10-episode season, might wrap things up with a retrospective special à la One Tree Hill‘s own send-off. “I’m a big believer in retrospectives and a big believer in allowing the audience to say farewell to their shows,” the network boss said. “It’s important for us on this side of the fence to give a satisfactory ending.” Would the GG cast tape talking-head segments for any such special? “I hope so,” answered Pedowitz. “It would not be as good of a retrospective special [without them], would it?”


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3 thoughts on “CW confirms 10 episodes for GG’s 6th season

  1. Karen says:

    in the words of Cyrus Rose, “NOT ENOUGH!”…it may had lesser seasons, but The O.C. had 16 eps in their final season, so Josh and Stephanie-I know you got more in you! One Tree Hill may have had more seasons and they still got more eps-13! And finally, Dawson’s Creek had the same amount of seasons and they got a full 24! ep final season…so, WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!?

  2. Annalino says:

    I totally agree with Karen,how could we get a satisfory ending with only 10 episodes?! i still watch this fucking show only for chair!! they better not disappoint us ,those episodes must be all about our babies,they already wasted to much time with this stupid dair thing ewww!!

  3. Gossip Girl 4 ever says:

    OMFG!!!!! I can’t believe that GG final season will have only 10 f***ing episodes! That'”s just not enough! I mean, there’s so much unsead! They can’t do this!!! All the other seasons had more than 20 episodes. It’s just not fair! Give us (loyal fans) a proper goodbye!

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