“The Oranges” poster


In this movie presented last year at TIFF, Leighton plays Nina Ostroff, a prodigal daughter who returns home to her family, after five years. She has just broke up with her boyfriend, and while everyone thinks she may be tied to like the son of her neighbours (played by Adam Brody), she develops an attraction towards his father, played by Hugh Laurie.
The movie will be released later this fall.


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hey, you! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Tweety, and I am a girl who loves writing, reading, and watching stuff on TV and write reviews about it. I currently study languages (English and Spanish) @ University here where I live in Italy. I dream to become a teacher or something more impossible, like a writer. For the moment I only write stories on my laptop and review a lot of books. Speaking of which, I'm really into YA despite I am not a teenager anymore, and if you have suggestions, I am always open to hear your book advice! :D

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