Additional part of the 6×01 Callsheet

Weeh! Another piece of the 6×01 callsheet that natefused aka Nicole posted on her twitter yesterday night. It says that Ed and Leighton will film scenes today, one of them being a flashback of four months before the current story of the episode, and apparently shows them in a suite at the Casino where we last saw them in 5×24. No idea what will happen, but ‘Casino suite’ sounds cool and some hypotized they may show some flashbacks of CB from after the Casino. We may also get them married that way, a sort of Las Vegas wedding and not a meaningful one but we know it still counts as a wedding, since in the episode there is at least a wedding. The first scene is a flashback, while the other CB scene is in his limo. The other scene Chuck has (Ed is 6) is with the just casted as Amira, the businesswoman that may help him against Bart (in the other callsheet posted she is 22).


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5 thoughts on “Additional part of the 6×01 Callsheet

  1. Anya says:

    K, I’ll be pissed if CB don’t have a meaningful romantic wedding w/ their friends and family. And Monkey! 😛

  2. Alberdien says:

    How can you be so sure that there will be a wedding?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I’m not sure about a CB wedding but if Ausiello unveils his blind item, we could be. But there’s 100% sureness of same sex marriage wedding in the premiere.

  3. Laura says:

    what are reffering exactly by saying “sex marriage wedding”?

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