Ausiello Blind Item Update

Yesterday in his usual spoiler chat, Ausiello said that the show where the unexpected wedding will happen, is on The CW.

Question: Your latest Blind Item about the fall wedding — is it an ABC primetime show? Jacklyn
Ausiello: Sure ain’t. The show in question airs on The CW.

After Ausi posted his spoilers, the writers tweeted something. Weird, isn’t it? Most of the times they have tweeted lately, they wrote at late night Los Angeles time (the time in my stamp is the time set on my twitter, I live in GMT +1). I’m not saying this means anything but I know the person who asked him the question about Serena (only GG question of the post) and she said she also asked about CB but Ausi cropped her Q. Ausi also RT’d Josh Schwartz last week, after he posted the pic of the 6×01 script. Connections everyone? Moreover, if you’ve read the casting calls you saw they wanted flower girls, violin players (or other instrument players) and such extras.


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9 thoughts on “Ausiello Blind Item Update

  1. Nichole says:

    Fantastic!!! I haven’t been excited for a Gossip Girl Season premiere or season, for that matter, in a long, long time. LOL Let me re-phrase that. Not since Season 2 (premier and whole season) and the Season 4 premier from France, have I been this excited. HAHA!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      The last time I was exicted for GG was after S2, lol. The other times I was excited, they destroyed my excitement. This time is different because knowing they only have 10 episodes and it’s the last season, I know that some things need to be shown to at least keep viewers to watch the final hours of this show. If CB do get married, I’m sure most of their fans who left after 4×09 will come back to see how it all ends.

  2. BrandnewChairfan:) says:

    CB are like the main reason I got into Gossip Girl in the first place. I normally hate soapy programs but after that CB kiss in season 1 in the limo I got really hooked and they were the only reason I didn’t totally give up during season 5 which in my opinion was the most disappointing season ever just because of the terrible, over the top storylines and lack of Chair until the final episode. A wedding in the premiere (especially with all this promotion and talk around it because of that blind item…coincidence? I think not) would not only draw old viewers back in but would most likely be really good pay off for long suffering C&B fans.

    My spec for the premiere (which I am 1000x more excited for than the previous year) is if it’s going to really pick up from where they left off then Chuck might demand Blair prove that she’s all in by marrying him that night. He might give her an ultimatum to do it since he’s done playing games and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time and then she agrees. I would be surprised if it’s Blair’s idea, I guess it could be but that’s how I could see it going down.

  3. Milou says:

    It must be Gossip Girl.. 90210 was renewed early so it wasn’t on the chopping block, although ratings were poor. And I’ve heard there wasn’t a reunion on the season finaly of Nikita, so it can’t be Nikita either. Which leaves gossip girl!! 🙂 Question now is, will it be C&B or Bart & Lily renewing their vows?
    Personally I think they will have Lily and Rufus back together by the end of this season, so they won’t have Lily marrying Bart in the first ep, but I’m also not sure it will be C&B for some reason, I even don’t think I want it to be C&B to be hounest. I’d love to see them get maried, but I’d rather see that happening in the series finaly, with the other 12 episodes building up to that

    • BrandnewChairfan:) says:

      It also describes the couple as star-crossed. In my opinon, Bart and Lily are anything but that. Serena is single, so if it really is GG that really only leaves C&B.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Hey! By the law Bart and Lily are already married 😉 because Bart never died and they never got to divorce before he faked his death, and Lily didn’t annull the wedding in 5×24. I remember Ausiello put BL in the couple that reunited, while CB weren’t included because they didn’t ACTUALLY get back together, they just found each other again.

      • Milou says:

        Yes Lily and Bart are still maried, I said they might renew their vows.. that’s still a wedding even though you’re already married. However I do agree with BrandnewChairfan that Bart and Lily are hardly star-crossed. I didn’t know about that part of the spoiler. So things are looling good!

  4. AdoreCB says:

    On the one hand I really like the thought of a CB wedding. We all waited for it soo long.
    But on the other hand it’s not fair to make the wedding in the first episode of the new season because then it will be obviously a quickie wedding without showing us the preparations, the bachelor/ bachelorette party. It will be not as big as the Blair&Louis Wedding in the 100th episode. And of course it will be without serena because she left town in the season finale. And I can imagine that Bart won’t be there too because of his problems with his son…
    But of course we have to wait and see what they gonna do. Maybe the spoilers are fake.

    Greetings from Germany

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