What did you think of this season?

It’s that time of the year again. Yesterday aired the finale of a season that I think was promising but it turned out to be annoying and illogical. I expected a lot from it.

The baby storyline and the baby possibly being Chuck’s, the ending of Blouis engagement before the 13th episode, the ending of DB in any possible form… and bla bla bla. Instead I got a baby killed, we got Louis for FOURTEEN episodes and a wedding on the 100th that had to reward fans but instead it make them quit the show; we got DB for SEVEN freaking episodes of boredom and illogical plots that made me think I was watching another show.Plus, they’ve destroyed Blair and Serena to prop what made this show fail. And Blair’s character, what they did to her was unacceptable. But she eventually got back to herself in 5×22 and I think we can say she got back to her old self in this finale.

On the bright side, we got a matured Chuck and Monkey! I loved Monkey. I loved Chuck this season. I loved the friendship between Nate and Chuck. I love Chuck wanting to take his responsibilities.

The nice things weren’t enough to fix the bs that has been this season. Poor writing, lame plots, illogical characterization. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. I can only save few episodes: 5×03 and the last C&B scene that makes Chuck feel again; 5×06 and the amazing apology at the end with “Video Games” in the background; 5×09 “The lightest thing that ever came into my life”; 5×10 and Chuck wanting to raise Blair’s baby; 5×22 and the NJBC and the old, classic Blair and the old Chuck and Blair subtle banter. The finale was also nice, but I’m not sure if I want to put it in this list. The C&B scenes didn’t disappoint, and I’m glad we finally got our final choice and hope for next season.

The rest is not relevant to me. In comparison, S4 was better.

And you, what did you think?


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12 thoughts on “What did you think of this season?

  1. grace says:

    I’m seriously considering creating a t-shirt with the phrase: ” I survived Gossip Girl Season 5 ” LOL

  2. edita says:

    and I’m thinking, what a horrible feeling I will have, when season 6 final will air. I never was such a big fan of anything, like I am obsessed of Chair. I will miss them a lot, even how horrible season 5 was ( first half was not so bad) I wish more then 6 seasons, at least 24 episodes, not 11. Next year I will have to change my habits for not searching spoilers for gossip girl anymore 🙂

    • Milou says:

      You shouldn’t think about that yet.. Think about how we are going to have (positive thinking!) 11 amazing episodes!! With lots and lots of beautiful Chair moments.. more NJBC.. and hopefully a BC wedding!!

  3. Nichole says:

    This season sucked balls! I was bored, confused and really didn’t care now that I think back on it. LOL Chuck and Blair weren’t together in the same room enough for me to be too invested. Although, I must say I think Lily sticking with Bart and dumping Rufus is a big scheme. The scheme being Lily trying to help Chuck and get him back at Bass Industries where he belongs. Rufus, may or may not be in on the scheme, but it is a scheme nonetheless.

    Okay, back, to the season and how I liked it overall….it was blah at best and dreck at worse. I don’t want to see any of these episodes from this season again. lol

    • Milou says:

      In previous season I would rewatch a lot of episodes within a couple of days.. I didn’t feel like doing that for most of this season.. it was really disapointing.. But I will probably rewatch the “You’re the one I never want to leave” episode and 5×22. Also maybe the finale..

  4. maddtown says:

    I firmly believe that the biggest mistake the writers made this season was a) making that baby Louis’ and b) killing it. “Baby Bass” had an insane amount of potential and it was completely squandered. They could have stretched that story out till the finale in my opinion and still kept it interesting so long as the audience knew it was Chuck’s and he didn’t. I was literally excited all summer over the prospect of Baby Bass and finding out early into the season that it wasn’t going to BE a Bass was a huge let down. Not to mention that the emotional impact of both a pregnancy and a miscarriage was completely glossed over when it could have been used to amp up interest levels/emotional investment.

    To be honest, the second half of season four of Gossip Girl had already started to move into the realm of cheesy/unoriginal/soapy-in-a-bad-way. It was the exact same conflict being recycled over and over again and it had stopped being riveting for me, (although still worth watching). I just feel like the writers became far more interested in stretching out the storylines than in telling compelling and emotionally gripping stories and the show has hugely suffered for it. Hugely.

    One of the best things about season one and two’s Chair was that they were consumed by each other even while they were involved in other characters’ storylines. I think their relationship was best defined for me in that line from Chuck’s speech, “In the face of true love, you don’t give up, even when the object of your affection is begging you to.” One gave up, then the other, but they never BOTH gave up simultaneously on their love. One of them was always pining for the other. Thinking back, I enjoyed each and everyone of Chuck and Blair’s cat and mouse games (my heart hurt after the indecent proposal incident but I was as in love with Chair as ever). It’s when they gave up the chase that I got bored or disenchanted.

    I think what made season 4 part 2 and season 5 so bland was that Chuck and Blair spent waaaaaaaaaaay too much time denying their feelings and avoiding each other. Then, within the span of a final act of an episode they were declaring their undying love (which I again found irksome about the finale) and 5 seconds later reverting back to square one. I mean, back in seasons 1- early 4 they spent half of the season building up to that moment of realization between Chair and then another half season building up to the reconciliation.

    Also, there was this really, insanely obnoxious/nauseating shadow of Dair hanging over most of the latter mentioned seasons and I won’t even get into how big a mistake that was because we all know it.

    Anyway, I rate this season cringe-worthy and a tragic shell of its former self, with a handful of chair moments to save it from complete and utter failure.

    That said, so long as the story is Chair I will watch Gossip Girl and give my reluctant farewell to a truly beloved pairing. Can’t believe we’re nearing the end…

  5. Anya says:

    The Season was HORRID. But I loved the Chair finale. The fact that Chuck didn’t take her back right away, Blair deciding to fight for him and showing up at the casino, her becoming powerful and confident once again, her scenes with Eleanor. The GGWs made mistakes. But I believe S6 will be MUCH better.

  6. The season was just horrible. Baby story really cruel and illogical. Just MUST have been a baby Bass. Endless annoying storylines, especially for Blair and Chuck. Yes, me,too, rewatched a lot of the seasons 1-4 episodes but never felt I wanted to rewatch a season 5 episode. But I am happy that GG seemed to got its´ spirit back since the last 3 episodes, they were good. And Blair started to look like Blair again. A bit very late that she starts to fight for Chuck. And a truely passionate kiss wold have been very nice indeed…..but….. seems we have to wait another half a year fo that and some episodes. Ahh..well…. I hope that the old passion from season 1 and 2 wil reappea…

  7. tiff xoxo says:

    i love chair and i always will and if i have to wait to get them back together i will

  8. Ếch Ộp says:

    season 5 gossip girl? The horrible pregnant/wedding story arc? The illogical (and stupid) Ivy/Lola confusion? The “take down gossip girl” campaign? THE DAIR??? That season?

    Thank God it ended. I seriously wanna commit suicide here.

  9. S says:

    A horrible season ended..At least we had a nice finale!!I loved the Chair moment at the Casino! <3!Season 6 must be a Chair season!! I will miss GG the whole summer..!!What lovestory are we going to watch until it comes back in the fall?:D

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