Watch the finale with us and help us trend “Mr and Mrs Bass” on May 14th at 8pm EST!

On Monday May 14th we are watching 5×24 “The Return of the Ring” and trending “Mr and Mrs Bass” (with spaces, no hashtag and no period after Mr & Mrs).

At 8pm Eastern Standard Time (1am GMT) start tweeting “Mr and Mrs Bass”. Talk about the episode and about why you love Chuck/Blair. Remember to include the writers (@ggwriters) network (@cw_network) and producer (@joshschwartz76) in some of your tweets.


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17 thoughts on “Watch the finale with us and help us trend “Mr and Mrs Bass” on May 14th at 8pm EST!

  1. edita says:

    in youtube there are 3 clips from season finale. two of them blair ans chuck conversation and third dan and blair.

  2. FeataArmana says:

    TOOMUCHPURPLE!! .. They put a new CHAIR SNEEK PEEK!! POST IT ! 😀

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I’ve watched them hours ago but I had to go out so I couldn’t post anything hehe.

      I am not sure I can post them, but I can link them:

      • Milou says:

        OMG.. This could still go either way, based on these spoilers.. After her final talk with Chuck and him telling her he needs a future she could still go back to Dan.. Or Chuck might realise that he doesn’t want a future without her in it, or Blair might do something to convince him of this..

        I think we need to keep in mind that the casino part is probably after all these scenes, so it makes much more sence if BC get’s back together.. it also comforts me somehow, that we didn’t see the ring in these promo’s.. only in the earlier promo’s, I have a feeling Chuck will only get this ring after Blair told him she’s still in love with him.. That was soo good to hear btw, to hear her say that she doesn’t only love him, but is in love with him as well. It does surprise me in a way that they gave that part away allready.. And it also scares me a bit.. going on these promo’s it would feel almost logical that a BC reunion would happen.. BD happy at the end of the finale would be more of a surprise.. But it would also make no sence whatsoever.. so I have hope for a good outcome! I’m sooo excited..

      • Milou says:

        BTW it might be Bart who gives Chuck back the ring!

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I think it’s him 🙂 because on Saturday one of my twitter friends took a pic of her Birchbox (a package with make up and similar stuff inside) and behind there were 5 Q’s about tonight’s finale. One of them was “What piece of jewellery Chuck’s father gives to him?”

  3. Laura says:

    i hope they end together<3

  4. Nichole says:

    Wow, thank you for the link to that spoiler clip. Well, Miss Blair, I think that was too little too late. ~sigh~ I really hope they get together, but I understand what Chuck is saying. I bet all the “Donair” fans are salivating at this clip. LOL

  5. Monika says:

    I hope they will reunite but I must say I’m glad Chuck told all this things to Blair on the roof.
    – He told her to choose Louis in season 4 finale, because she wanted to be a princess
    -He feel horrible and empty inside, he finded out that she is pregnant with another man
    -He apologised her for all this bad things he did in the past, he return the ring
    – The best thing in my opinion was that he wanted to take care of another man’s child
    – She married Louis and firstly felt happy of it
    -He paid her dowry
    -He did everything to convince her that he’s really change and became better man for her but she choose Dan when she got a divorce
    – He did nothing bad to her and Dan when they were a couple
    – Now he try to find his mother, he find out her father is fu***ng alive
    – And Blair goes to him say that she loves him and think that they will be together just like that
    I hope we will have an epic finale scene in casino, it’s her turn to try to get him back and I love it! 🙂

  6. edita says:

    so that casino was also in Paris? or in Monaco? I just want to know if they both are in the same city or Blair arived in other country to see Chuck?

    • Milou says:

      The casino is in Paris.. She went to Paris to see Chuck.. Like B said in the limo, she knows what she wants andd she’s is going to get it; she didn’t go to Paris to be with her mother, she went there because Jack called her to tell her Chuck was there

      • edita says:

        I thought that Blair arived in Paris because of new job in Waldorfs designs, and when she was in Paris – called Jack 🙂

    • Milou says:

      I do wonder why we all thought the casino would be in Monaco..

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        Honestly it could still be. They didn’t show the Tour Eiffel (although I think they showed the Arc de Triomphe)… Monaco and Paris are far from each other if she really went to Monaco to see Chuck because Jack called her. I do think it’s Paris because there are important Casinos there too.

      • Milou says:

        I think it’s Paris as well.. It would make no sence for them to show Blair in Paris with her mother and then for her to be in Monaco all of a sudden because Jack called.. I think Jack called her when she was still back in the US to tell her Chuck was there. That’s when she decided to go to Paris with her mother so she could go to see Chuck (and we know for sure she was in Paris when she was in the limo, remember the line.. “These are ‘I love Paris’ sighs”

  7. edita says:

    I found Casino:
    Located on the French Rivera, Monaco and it’s weather and Grand Prix have made it a favorite destination for travelers. Located in the heart of the Monte Carlo’s famous Place du Casino you can stay at the luxurious Hotel de Paris. The palace
    features everything from three outstanding restaurants, a legendary wine cellar, a hair salon and luxury boutiques. With all this luxury, we forgot to mention the hotel is only steps away from one of the world’s most famous casinos, the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

  8. Edita says:

    I searched bilding, which was showed after scene of Blair and Eleonor in limo. They showed the Casino de Monte-Carlo, where was Chuck and Jack gambling. So that’s means that Blair went to Monaco to say Chuck that she’s “all in” . From Paris to Monaco is about 800 km (500 miles).
    P.S I’m very sorry for my english.

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