The CW renews Gossip Girl for a final 11 episodes season

So! We’ve arrived to the end of the journey. Gossip Girl has been renewed for a last, short season starting this Fall and not this Spring as I thought (this should be confirmed soon, wait for an official date). Only 11 episodes will be produced for this last season, and according to Ausiello, Sara Goodman will be the new EP along with Stephanie Savage. It was inevitable it would be her since she wrote the season finale. (Safran also wrote the S2 finale and during S3 his role became more important). UK series also have 10 episodes or less per season, and usually the stories are better because they are more focused and quick – or maybe they are better because in my opinion UK writers are way more creative.

What do you think about this decision? Did you expect it?


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9 thoughts on “The CW renews Gossip Girl for a final 11 episodes season

  1. BlairlovesBass says:

    11 epiiisoddes???!! Nooooo!! Give us a full ONE!!!!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I think that’s better this way. More episodes always give the writers of anything – not only GG – to expand stupid/lame storylines and make pointless stories just to fill the time they have. With less episodes, that chance is small because they don’t have the time to lose themselves in foolish stories. Means they may mess up with couples and character less.

  2. Aloysius says:

    Yeah – Thank Goodness for Downton Abbey. I hope these new writers can salvage what Josh did to C&B and to season 5. I won’t get my hopes up. So much chemistry between them and these guys kept them apart most of the season and forced D&B down our throats. Even with the ratings falling and the public screaming they refused to correct their mistake. And the writing was atrocious. I re-watched season 2 with the whole C/B/N triangle which was a better version of the C/B/D triangle. I wish I could send in my ideas, because believe me season 5 was an uneven, mixed-up mess. They lost the art of story telling. I hate seeing Josh gushing about what he is doing with the characters because its just painful.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yeah, I’ve hated it because he was proud of something that even important reviewers found annoying and illogic. His stubborness lead him to destruction. There would have been other ways to salvage the show, and clearly DB wasn’t one possible, but since the random viewer doesn’t get it (and so I don’t because it’s contrived), that story was bond to fail miserably. A person doesn’t stick to watch a tvshow where all she/he sees are OOC characters, OOC couples and people with no POV. The casual viewer changes channel when she/he sees illogic because she/he thinks they’re watching a completely show. He turned GG into Safran Show. Considering the outcomes, he was the only one who wanted to watch that.

  3. Monika says:

    It’s great to hear that!
    I want the Chair wedding for the last episode, this will be pretty epic:)

    • S says:

      I’d prefer to see a CHAIR wedding at the middle of the season so we can enjoy them as a married couple having babies!!!<3

      • BlairlovesBass says:

        Or, a chair wedding at the finale and then a scene that shows us in te future , Chuck playing tea time with his little daughter and then he shouts at his son whos annoying Dorota! And they are all wearing bows!!!! OMG CUTENESS.

  4. Nichole says:

    I think eleven episodes should be just fine to wrap up this series. With the exception of Chuck and Blair being together, finally, at last, there really isn’t any more stories that really need to be told.

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