EW Spoileroom – May 11th

Can we please get some good news about Chuck & Blair for the finale? Everyone is ready for them to finally reunite. #GossipGirl — @wrightst3
Well, I’ll tell you one thing: the odds of them reuniting are certainly better than things smoothing out between Blair and Serena. At least by the look of the clip from the finale I’ll be posting soon. Hint. Hint. Actually… that’s not a hint at all. It’s pretty much clear what I’m saying.

source:  insidetv.ew.com


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3 thoughts on “EW Spoileroom – May 11th

  1. firieness says:

    yay? So the possible clifhanger might be about Serena & Blair friendship and not Blair & Chuck? that would be a good thing.

    • Milou says:

      The clifhanger won’t be BC.. at least not her decission about him/Dan.. they said B’s choice will be clear before the episode ends..

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I agree. I think the cliffhanger won’t definitely be CB (they’ve been the cliffhanger for S3/4, they need one break lol) but it’s possible it’s SB and Dan/Serena and maybe something about Ivy again like last year.

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