5.23 The Fugitives – EPISODE PREVIEW


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13 thoughts on “5.23 The Fugitives – EPISODE PREVIEW

  1. Milou says:

    I’m wondering about this “history of S’s and B’s friendship… They said somewhere by the end of the season their friendship will hang by a thread, I wonder if it will have something to do with this history, or that it will be because S will try to come between B and D..

  2. love&chairriage says:

    I really think that something will happen between S and D because of the spoiler that said one of the guys she’s involved with won’t be someone new. Now if Dan actually does get involved with her after Blair chooses Chuck, then the whole Dan & Blair thing was (obviously) just pointless. I think if Blair chooses Chuck that could futher damage Blerena because Blair selfishly broke Serena’s heart knowing that she was still in love with Chuck. To be completely outrageous Serena’s love interest could be Chuck, but that would just be crazy (ahem, Josh Safran).

    • Milou says:

      No I don’t believe even JS would go as far as to making Chuck S’s new love interest.. Or it would have to be just to make a point to Blair. But still.. it would be so wrong, in so many ways!!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I don’t think they’d actually go there to make Cherena happen. Serena never fell for him and even if she would try to make a move on him, I don’t think he would allow it because he would know how much that would hurt Blair. Hell, both C and S know it unlike Blair. Chuck seems pretty much busy with his father and is being helped by Blair to actually have the time to have a quickie with S. And Serena is also pretty lost in her drama and her feelings for Dan still there to get revenge on Blair with the same coin. She’d rather do it with Dan than Chuck to be honest. As much as we know B’s feelings for C, now she is clouded by Dan and if Serena would really want to take revenge, she would do it by kissing or sleeping with him.

      The other day I tried to speculate on the finale and the possible parallels with the premiere and Sara Goodman’s last episode (5.11) and had the conclusion that it may be DS kissing just because in 5.11 to protect Blair’s secret of her pact with God, they pretend they are going out and at midnight they share a kiss. The moment is also particular because you can see Serena looking at Dan, Dan looking at Blair, but Blair is looking at Chuck and he’s looking at her too. And she seems so terribly sad when he walks away. And she goes to his suite to talk to him.

  3. Milou says:

    BTW, going on the tweets of GG writers S6 seems to be officially confirmed! 🙂

  4. maddtown says:

    So, is it safe to assume that the history of Serena and Blair’s friendship involves boyfriend stealing? Serena stole Blair’s boyfriend (man she considered the love her life at the time) before/during season 1, Blair stole the love of Serena’s life this season, so that leaves…Serena stealing him back? Man, they really have shared a lot of men…Nate, Carter, Nate some more, Dan.

    I think we can breathe easy about a potential Chuck and Serena twist because of the Harry Winston event. Actually, that spoiler should allow us to breath easy period. There is no way that could NOT mean that CB end up together (and likely engaged). I’ve tried thinking about ways it could be sneakily misleading, but it’s so hit-you-over-the-head blatant that I can’t come up with anything else.

    I’m 99% certain they want to end with a wedding next season (a proper one that we actually care about) and they’ve been building up CB to be that couple since season one. Not to mention that it would be too soon for Ban to jump into marriage if season 6 is indeed truncated. A five episode romance does not a happily ever after make…even Blouis had a longer build-up than that! Dair is on shaky ground after last episode and it took Chuck 3 seasons/years to even attempt a proposal. CB are the best candidates for marriage right now and, like I said, I have a feeling they’ll want to end the show with a wedding. Yay!

  5. Laura says:

    too much purple: where it appears?i mean,that with serena looking at dan,dan at blair,blair at chuck and chuck at blair..and then blair walking after chuck in his suite??

  6. kalinesska says:

    and no spoilers about CB in preview.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Because maybe that’s part of the ‘fun’ stuff 😉 but they definitely have a couple of scenes.

  7. LunaSeasMoonChild says:

    I know Bart being alive is the “retcon of all retcons”, but hell, I am looking forward to the father-son scenes! Can I just squeal when Bart placed his hand on Chuck’s wrist? T,T Really, I think we’ll all agree that bringing Bart back alive is WAY better than Ban. Hell, the utter crappiness of Dair made the Bart retcon SO MUCH BETTER to accept since Bart/Chuck actually has potential and more depth.

    The reason this preview doesn’t have any CB may be because Safran is the only one talking AGAIN, and he has something to say about Ban. He’s starting to annoy me again. Can’t wait to have him out of the scene next season.

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