5.22 Raiders of the Lost Art – PROMO


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5 thoughts on “5.22 Raiders of the Lost Art – PROMO

  1. Nichole says:

    I actually laughed out loud! Blair seems like her old self and she seems to be having fun. I think this will be a “classic” Gossip Girl episode with the NJBC together again, at last, doing a scheme. I watched lasted night’s episode and wasn’t too grossed out so I think I will watch this one too. 😉

  2. S says:

    Yeah!!!!Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blair Bitch is BACK and she is going to help Chuck!!!!!!Be ready for CHAIR moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 ❤

  3. LunaSeasMoonChild says:

    Agree that this episode finally has some semblance of classic GG. The only thing I hope is that Blair doesn’t have lines are contradict the official history of GG. I mean, she said she was in Chuck’s shadows while they were together? I’ve watched those S03 eps plenty of times, and I’m pretty sure Chuck Bass did not eclipse any of what Blair was doing during that time, even when they were sneaking around.

    Gah, hate the writers. I hope this is a promising episode, considering that Moppet isn’t in the promo, and hopefully his screentime is GREATLY REDUCED. Which is one more thing I would love about the episode besides the NJBC banding together and Blair finally remembering to be there for her friends. I just hope they don’t make Chuck approach and ask Blair to scheme with them. It just somehow makes Chuck seem more of a wounded puppy going back to the person who kicked him down. I hope it’s Nate who enlists Blair with them, or Blair is the one who asks to be let in on the scheme.

    Btw, in that part where Blair descends from the stairs with the book and copies Diana, are they at the Waldorf penthouse?

  4. Laura says:

    is blair saying “you’re adorable” to chuck?or what?

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