5.21 Despicable B – PROMO


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25 thoughts on “5.21 Despicable B – PROMO

  1. Andrea says:

    Fuck you Nate.

  2. Laura says:

    what did chuck say fhe last time?i didn’t understand anything

  3. Anya says:

    It’s probably a scheme. NJBC FTW

  4. grace says:


  5. Nichole says:

    HAHAHAHA, this show…So when do you think Blair will find out about Diana and Chuck and do you think she will care? If so, do you think she will go to him or will he go to her? And do we care if Dan gets mad? *tee-hee*

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      lmao yesterday you foreshadowed what happened with Diana! XD

      I think that possibly Chuck will go finding Blair and not before episode 22. I think she may find this out at the end of the next ep where she’ll try to regain her ‘status’. I think knowing this information for LAST will hit her that she would be glad to get back into her bff’s graces and not keeping falling down. I believe Chuck will ask her for her because of those set pics of Blair with the blue coat and Chuck helping her into his limo. There was a set vid and it seemed as if Blair told him that she didn’t want anything to do with his matters but she then agreed about helping him. But this is a supposition, I’d love her to know and be upset because of the new revelation.

      • Nichole says:

        lol…I didn’t realize that until I read your comment just now. So, I went back and re-read my post–that is funny. 🙂

        I will not speculate on anything because I am always wrong. 😉 HAHAHAHA…No, I think Blair will go to Chuck because she feels out of the loop and therefore losing her status. Once a Queen B also a Queen B. Poor Blair. Didn’t she realize that Donuts can’t compare to french macaroons. LOL (stating the obvious but Dan=Donut and Chuck=french macaroon, not to be confused with regular macaroons)

  6. belt_loops says:

    I think Blair will find out and go after Chuck. She could never resist help him. And I think that’ll never stop, even if she’s with that Donut right now. Well, at least they share a bed with .. stimulating conversations between the sheets, lol.

    BTW: What do you guys think about that whole “Bart Bass is [maybe] still alive” SL? Idk how much more they can pull Chuck through. Elizabeth is not his mother but Diana, Bart is still alive and the love of his life prefers to host british themed partys in Brooklyn with Lonely Boy.

    Really looking foreward to some NJBC scenes next episode. Hopefully.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I love the fact that Bart is possibly alive and faked his death. (Who knows me, is aware that love Bart a lot, lol). I think that Chuck may get mad but then realize that as long as his father is alive, he can have the moral support of a parent. I think that whatever Bart did to fake his death – if he won’t appear as a ghost, that is – can be fixed with hsi being alive now. Sure, in Chuck’s place I’d feel angry. After Bart died, Chuck started spiralling and lost himself. He lost people. The only thing that Bart left him, was money and Lily as a sort of family. I would believe he would want to know the truth and then forgive his father because it’s his father. If, by the moment Bart comes back Chuck and Blair still haven’t fixed things (I bet CB may fix things at the very end of the finale) he may tell himself that his family composed by Bart, Jack and Diana – if she is really his mom, is the only thing he should focus on.

  7. FeataArmana says:

    Girls, listen! I just stumbled across something I soo deeply wish I didn’t!! Take a look at this and then look at the comments section! http://nowhitenoise.com/2012/03/gossip-girl-rumor-is-someone-else-going-to-die-this-season/

    After reading each comment, I began panicking! I mean there is NO WAY IN HELL they can do that… right?! There is simply, ABSOLUTELY no Gossip Girl for me and for anybody else, without Chuck. I have stopped watching since 5×15, but i still know what’s going on as I come back and keep checking here to keep me updated. Like yesterday–> the only part that was the most interesting and the absolute best, was the Chuck/Diana part! Simply loved it!! I hate her basically. The others just bore me to tears! Chuck and Blair are the only reason I keep watching. B and Donut are sooooo freakin’ boring and disgusting! There is no chemistry between them whatsoever! None! Zero! .. I don’t understand how ppl can ship them and claim them as “endgame” —> that phrase just makes me want to throw up.

    So to end this, I began to calm down and think of all the choices.
    1st- Chuck/Ed is a regular and lead/main character
    2nd- He is Blair’s soulmate and they are def endgame–> they have to reunite by last season’s finale ( I am hoping we get a wedding) ❤
    3rd- They would lose a huge amount of viewers and the show would bascially get cancelled if they do that

    So, all in all, I def think they would never do that, but just reading that spoiler with no mention of Ed in there and knowing how twisted the writers can get, I just thought( everytime i do ,I cringe) that it might be a possibility after all, and I am like seriously freaking out now! So I need your help Chair fans! Please help me restore my faith and tell me this simply cannot be true 😦 I've had enough heartbreak all season! Chuck , god damn deserves to be happy!! Enough!
    So please help! 😦

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      NO ONE is going to die, I can assure you. Plus, remember to read the date of the news 🙂 In addition, the president of the CW said that he doesn’t want any character on any of his shows die unless it’s necessary. The “Chuck will die” rumor is a bad rumor some people started to create because they hate him = him dying would make them happy. Even if the rumor someone will die is true, they’d never kill Chuck off. But I repeat, no one is absolutely going to die. 🙂

  8. FeataArmana says:

    I typed very fast and erased something by mistake.

    Blair, I hate her basically! * and when i mentioned earlier that I loved the Chuck/Diana part.. i meant the emotions and everything.. but completely sad and heart broken for chuck <3. Ed was just amazing during those scenes! ❤

  9. LunaSeasMoonChild says:

    After Blair dismissed Chuck in the past and even antagonized him, I don’t think Chuck will try to involve Blair with his personal matters because of the rejection he faced from her. I really do think it’s Blair who will approach Chuck and ask to be in on the whole thing once she finds out about Diana. I think she’ll start seeing how she’s alienated her best (and longest) friends, and seeing it also as away to “get back her status”, she’ll want to join the scheme, for old times’ sake too.

  10. LunaSeasMoonChild says:

    Is Nate seriously going to sleep with Diana AGAIN??? Even after learning that she’s Chuck’s mom??? WTF??? o,O
    I dunno if I find it horrific, coz you would just die if your friend slept with your mom, or hilarious, because it’s NATE. @____@

    • Milou says:

      I think they are working a scheme (NJBC) and Nate is looking for something in her room/office/anywhere when she walks in. Him seducing her is his excuse to explain why he’s there.

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I don’t think the NJBC will work together before the 22th ep. Nate and Chuck are scheming to find something in Diana’s past, Serena may help too, but Blair is not in their story yet because she doesn’t know anything about what happened to Chuck at the salon yet. So she can’t help him if she doesn’t know XD

      • LunaSeasMoonChild says:

        Oof. Nate’s thinking with his other head again. =__= LoL Nate just really isn’t built for snooping. >__< Why didn't he just hire someone to do the digging for him? @__@

        I think at this point, they're just in the planning/gathering info phase of their scheming after she learns about Chuck. I really think it will be B who will approach the NJBC trio and ask to be part of the scheme. Didn't B recruit Chuck in investigating Gabriel?

        I really can't believe Blair won't be on top of the gossip. When was B the last one to know about anything? Jeez. Her missing that blast about Chuck because she went to get ice, are BOTH OOC. Another proof yet that it is not Blair Waldorf we are seeing onscreen.

  11. Laura says:

    girlssss,any sign of reuniting for Chair?any news?pleasseeee i need to know because i kinda lost some hope:(

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I think that the last set pics of EL from the end of March should give everyone hopes. I don’t think DB will live after the season finale.

  12. Ếch Ộp says:

    OMFG, if they made Jack Bass become Chuck’s brother, this show is really sick. Not that his best friend, Nate, slept with his mother, his ex-girlfriend slept with his father, too. OMFG, how much is enough for that poor boy?????

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