5.21 Despicable B – STILLS

Oh, this one also looks boring as hell but Blair has a nice gown.


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8 thoughts on “5.21 Despicable B – STILLS

  1. Anya says:

    Ok, a Q for those of you who watch – how are things with DB? Are there any signs of a possible break up??? We’re a couple episodes away from the season’s finale! Any hope for Chair fans on the horizon?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Haven’t watched the DB scenes but reading people it seems as if Blair is not fond of spending her days in Brooklyn, so they ‘argue’ because Blair also wants to be on the UES… but things seem still normal for them. I think they could turn around the end of episode 21 or 22 though. Because in the episode everyone (but Blair that went picking ice for the drinks, meh) that Diana is Chuck’s real mother. Everyone leaves the party by then, Nate and Serena included because they want to go after Chuck. Chuck found out the truth but wants to know who is giving money to Diana. I guess in ep. 21 NS will find out something and in ep. 22 Blair will unite with them to help him too, making Dan jealous that she’s spending time with Chuck and her – wait for it – supposed best friends! Which guy would stop a girl from going out with her bffs? Certainly, Chuck never did.

  2. chairfan says:

    wait what? diana is chucks real mother? how can that be? wasnt elizabeth his real mother? ofcourse though she lies to chuck at the end but i mean how can that be? have the gg writers gone crazy or what?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Well, Diana says that she gave him the blood and it’s his mother. Apparently Bart and Elizabeth were married but couldn’t have babies, so Elizabeth made a deal with Diana that at that time was Bart’s mistress and asked her to give them the baby she was expeting since it was Bart’s blood son. After Chuck was born, Elizabeth faked that she was his mother while Diana disappeared. But she couldn’t live too much with Chuck and Bart because she couldn’t bear he wasn’t her real son, so she asked Bart to tell Chuck that his mother was dead and so she left NYC. A while later, Diana wanted to meet Chuck but Bart thought it was better not to do it because he would be confused… apparently Diana made a deal with Nate’s grandfather and asked him if she could help Nate getting a job and meanwhile she would look at Chuck from afar and would never reveal him her true identity. But Diana got involved with Nate and Chuck got in the accident and wanted to find out who gave him the blood so it was like inevitable that one day he would find out.

      No idea anyway if she is his true mother or not. She could be covering for Bart and fake she’s his real mom, but at this point I wouldn’t mind… I think all of this will lead to Bart being alive and explaining the real truth to his son.

  3. chairfan says:

    omg have the writers gone insane?!?!?!

  4. LunaSeasMoonChild says:

    After the dairsaster, I’m not surprised the writers went this route. But as farfetched and soap opera-ish this is, this is still way better than BAN.

  5. LunaSeasMoonChild says:

    Nice dress, but ugly accessory. And by accessory, I mean the man next to her.

  6. Ếch Ộp says:

    OMFG, if they made Jack Bass become Chuck’s brother, this show is really sick. Not that his best friend, Nate, slept with his mother, his ex-girlfriend slept with his father, too. OMFG, how much is enough for that poor boy?????

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