5.20 Salon of the Dead – STILLS


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6 thoughts on “5.20 Salon of the Dead – STILLS

  1. Kinga says:

    I’m just thinking 😛 if Elisabeth is not mother of Chuck so Diana may it be ??? What do you think?? We saw her picture in a folder of Bart and 😛 when Chuck saw her, ask her, did we know you :P:P hmmmm This is suspicious :P:P

  2. Nichole says:

    I think Elisabeth is not his mother, but who knows. At this point, I think Elisabeth is a none entity. However, I do think Diana is related to Chuck, but not as his mother. I really do think Chuck’s mother died and the story Chuck told Donut a while ago about Bart not really liking Chuck because of Chuck’s birth is the truth. I think Mrs. Bart Bass died giving birth to Chuck or some time very shortly after. Chuck has never met his mother but Elisabeth was a con artist that Jack hired to get the hotel because Jack was still trying to get revenge on Chuck and knew that Chuck not knowing his mother was a sore spot. So when Chuck had the DNA tested and it proved to be a match, I think this is where Diana comes into play. Jack would’ve known where Diana was and would’ve had her in on the plot the whole time, so her biological sample would’ve been readily available. When Elizabeth left in the cab and looked up longing at The Empire like Chuck was her son, I think the woman saw how vulernable Chuck was and felt sorry for him–wishing she were his mother. Maybe, to the point of thinking if he thinks I am his mother maybe that will make him find some happiness and peace in knowing that he can put that part of his past behind him. So, I think Elizabeth just realized that Chuck was just looking for family and she figured let him think this so he can move on. Now Diana, I think she is Bart and Jack’s SISTER! Yes, I think Diana is Auntie Diana! She is NOT his mother because of the fact that she had sex with Nate. I don’t think they would have Nate having sex with his best friend’s mother. As much as I hate the GG writers and think they are sick and perverse just with the fact that they have Blair with Donut, I don’t think they are that sick unless they really, truly hate the character of Chuck, which I don’t think they do. Yes, they like to torture him, but to really hate him to that point, I just don’t see that. So, I think Diana is his Aunt. The DNA test only confirmed that the lady was related to Chuck. They didn’t go into a full detailed analysis. Her DNA would’ve been a match in yes, there are markers that are similar to Chuck whick would show they are related. If they would’ve compared Bart’s and Chuck’s against the sample and the sample was from Chuck’s paternal Aunt, they would’ve seen that the markers were similar on the paternal side. But since it was just test to see if she was related to Chuck, they didn’t go deeper. So, that is why I think Diana is his Aunt. But we will see.

    • Nichole says:

      I wasn’t aware that Diana had stated in a previous episode that she had dated Bart in the past. So, that totally INVALIDATES my above statement. ~sigh~ I hate this show. Whatever…I don’t even care about who or whom Chuck’s mother is at this point. If it is not integral to Chuck and Blair getting back together for good, I really don’t care. hahah, now I am mad because I thought out who I thought Diana was only to be wrong based on a shoddy, five second conversation in an episode that I don’t remember seeing on a show that makes me angry that is written by hack writters. ~SIGH~ i really wish I didn’t care so much. Just put Chuck and Blair together already, writers!!!

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        She never stated that she dated Bart. There was only that pic of her from 15-20 years ago in Bart’s folder, but she never mentioned him or the Bass family so far.

      • Nichole says:

        Thanks, toomuchpurple. The more I think about this storyline the more I think everyone is right and Diana will be his mum. *shrugs shoulders*

  3. Gossip Girl xoxo says:

    I really think Diana is Chuck’s mother. Why else would she be back on the UES? And I think that she was the one who gave blood to Chuck when he had an accident. OMG! I can’t wait for the next episode…. <3<3<3<3<3

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