Why I think Chuck and Blair’s love is still alive – Thoughts on 5×19

I have no idea why I’ve written this but I wanted to share it with you. It’s my thoughts on the CB scenes of this last episode and a little speculation. I hope it will give you positive thoughts and I’d love to hear what do you think.

You know, after I rewatched the scene where Blair is talking to Dorota and Chuck arrives in the elevator, I thought I saw a spark of Blair’s love for him.

She was talking about why she didn’t sign the papers yet with Dorota, saying that she didn’t want to sign them because she feels like signing the papers will close the door to something she isn’t ready to let go of.

That’s when the elevator’s bell rings and Chuck appears behind the doors and stops Blair from confessing what she would be really afraid to lose… IMO the words and the effective image we see explains what or who she is probably afraid to let go of.

Remember when the pact with God first and the marriage with Louis next – and now the relationship with Dan, stopped Chuck and Blair from being together? That’s exactly that.

I think Blair is still afraid to take risks and commit with Chuck. He is not and has never been the safe choice. He is unpredictable and complex and you never know what to expect next from him because the guy it’s a surprise but at least she and the people around him are conscious that Chuck has a certain personality.

With guys like Nate, Louis, Marcus, Dan there aren’t really great surprises. The guys have their shadyness and they can’t deny that. But they are forgiven easily because they are the “good” guys, the “safer” choices. It means that they might do shady acts only every once in a while, mostly out of jealousy I’ve noticed.

The same way “good” guys can go shady, Chuck can also do generally good actions and surprise you. So when he does something good, it’s kinda new to you and you can’t know if he did it because he wanted to be selfless or for second purposes. And that’s why Blair seems so afraid of trusting him again. She still loves him but at the moment she is not trusting him.

The whole “you came here to talk so you could get into my life again” line in the first scene from 5×19, screams that to me. It’s true that she is diffident. A good tactic to push away someone which emotionally moves us – whether in the good or bad way – is attack them. She “attacked” Chuck assuming things on his trip to her house, when it was clear that he only wanted a person to ask advice to. She attacked because she was afraid she may feel things and that would confuse her even more, because Blair seems very insecure about her feelings for Dan imo. It could just be a defense mechanism. I don’t think she got over Chuck.

“Is it worth it to try and reach out again?” he asks, and Blair seems in her own world thinking about her own situation and probably thinking about she and Chuck (some lines looked like they could be used to describe their situation in that moment). It’s then when she wakes up and answers harshly. She wants to stop imagining what could be her life if they did reach out again to have a relationship.

She is indeed incapable of giving him an answer because that would mean think about her own situation too. That whole situation it’s still up in the air and somehow I think Blair is torn between wanting him to move on and be happy and loving him and try to have a sort of friendship with him because if they start spending time as “friends” together, she may change her heart. This is not proof but makes me think that if she needs Chuck away when she lives this relationship with Dan, maybe her interest in Dan is not deep. Because if she was over Chuck it would be easy to be around him and don’t feel touched by his words, don’t feel touched by anything anymore – while Blair seems pretty much touched by his words even if were simple words and not about them.

The proof of her living interest and caring for him is more evident in the second scene, where she asks him if he paid the dowry.

When she asks if it’s true and he doesn’t even know what she’s talking about, she seems as if she wants to know an answer that she needs or she would not survive. When he asks about who told her that, she changes all of a sudden and attacks again. When he explains that he never wanted her to know and that he just wanted to pay it so that she could be free and she could also choose who to love with that freedom was up to her. Also in the other non-CB scene, she is surprised to see Chuck did a selfless action and at the end of the episode she finally sends a text to thank him.

This seems like the first half all over again. Blair is with a guy who claims to know every side of her but is wrong, he only knows a side of her. Chuck does selfless acts (like in 5×07) but for Blair he keeps being his old self and doesn’t want to acknowledge that he has been good that whole time because he wanted to be better. He also stayed true to his words of letting her go and have her fairytale until that fairytale blew up on itself.

I think this episode was what those last thirty seconds of 5×08 were. Blair finally understanding that Chuck has been doing good things and that he is changing. Only when she’ll trust his changes – because I’m sure that his changes will stick – and she’ll be ready to risk it all she will be ready to be again with him.

The last set pics we’ve got of C&B at the Casino could be hopefully mean that Blair is [by playing blackjack that’s a game about point money and risks] ready to take the risk and try to be with Chuck because he is the one she never wants to leave.


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17 thoughts on “Why I think Chuck and Blair’s love is still alive – Thoughts on 5×19

  1. FeataArmana says:

    Ok. Let me start of by saying that THAT was really nice to read!! I think you are right! ..as a hardcore Chair fan myself, I never give up hope… at least I don’t want to. Although I have stopped watching since that sickening valentine’s day episode, I have been checking back here and other fansites to keep up with what’s going on..with my main interest being Chair. Others I don’t really share the same amount of interest as I do Chair. They are reallyyy the onlyy reason i keep watching this shit of a show….and of course, I always regret it and end up hating myself for not being able to control my weakness 😛 .

    So after reading this, you really did restore my faith … by 70% ( I just cant take anymore heart-break and drama and shit!! like enough already!! ).. and to be honest with you, after reading your little review, you kind of made me like Blair a little again . ( like maybe 5%).. sorry, I just hate her soo much !!! She has become so self-absorbed and ungrateful… like who the hell is she anymore?! This is definitely not the Blair i used to love. I just hate her soo much now. In fact, I am absolutely sure you might hate me for saying this but, with only 4 episodes to go until the finale… I was hoping for at least a Chair engagement for the finale!!! like finallyyy reunited and together again .( only dreams) .. but after I have seen.read what Blair has become, I dont want her with Chuck anymore, at least , not right now as she sure as hell doesn’t deserve him!!

    You will prob think I am very harsh now, but what i would absolutely lovee to see in this year’s finale ( I am pretty sure Blair wants to reunite with Chuck again –> like every finale does )/..but this time, I really want Chuck to reject her. Make her realise all the pain and suffering she has put him through ( basically hell) and that she cannot always get her way/ what she wants… there are consequences for her actions she has to face. Believe me when I say that I would love nothing more than a happy reunited Chair again, with no more drama! Just plain happy! … Why is that so hard to do?! We are not asking for much are we? 😦 … But back to the finale, if they do reunite, it will feel all too rushed and it just shows that chuck has no backbone —> meaning he shows that anyone can just step on him and he’ll be okay?!!.

    To conclude this extremely long reply( which i apologize btw, I just want a place to rant about how I am feeling, without being attacked by dair worshippers. …so bascially , someone needs to slap Blair on the face ( hypothetically of course) and wake her up . Give her a reality check, that she cannot take people for granted and not everything is about her!! … Especially, Chuck’s love for her. She needs to learn that she cannot take Chuck’s love for granted. Leaving them with some space and time–> which I think is good, for him to start healing… both to start healing and in season 6 start fresh, down the road to reuniting again. sorry again 😛

    • FeataArmana says:

      END!! 😛 —> sorry again … for the huge reply

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Don’t worry about your words, you can write anything you want here. I am not mad at Blair, but I think she was too mean and a coward last night. She pretends she is okay in her world and believes that she needs to be with Dan for gratitude because he saved her (just like Chuck did with Eva). These people know their past but what breaks them is the connection Chuck and Blair always had.

      I think that I can’t hate Blair because after all what she did this season, Chuck also did it in the past to her but in different form. The two hurts can’t be compared of course, and everyone perceives those hurts in a different way. I think that anyway they equally hurt each other over the years. Probably Chuck he is more capable to hide his wounds and pretend he’s okay and distracts with other things, while Blair was more explicit with him. Since Blair hasn’t had a POV this year, is also hard to understand her reasons to hurt him (the same way during the past years Chuck didn’t have a POV and was hard to figure out why he did something).

      I want CB to reunite in the finale and I think that it can parallel 2×25. In that episode Blair was the one hurt “You’ve hurt me so many times” and was afraid that once he would commit with her, he would hurt her again. Chuck is basically waiting this year. I think he may be tell her that he is sick of waiting for her if she eventually gets closer to him (as pics from 22/23/24 suggest) and he starts hoping that he can have her back but then she is not ready for him. But I also think that like the S2 finale when Chuck first rejects Blair when she tells him she loves him, Blair may initially reject him again and Chuck may really think it’s over (Blair thinks so in the BS scene before the last CB 2×25 scene). But then Blair shows up at the Casino – which seems to be one of the last scenes from the finale – and with that gesture she can show that she wants to risk to be with him once again. I don’t think Chuck would reject her then. She is the source of his happiness (and yeah, also his pain). And if he really wants to say yes to happiness, he would say yes to being with Blair again if she comes to him in the finale with that intention.

  2. Milou says:

    Hope you’re right about the things you said. The thing that really stood out to me were the GG lines at the end of the episode. While we saw dair walking off we heard GG narrate “Sometimes you get the thing you always wanted, only to find out it isn’t what you really need”. The things GG narrates at the end of each episode are always the things happening at that moment or the thing in that persons head.. So this could mean that, allthought maybe Blair doesn’t realise it, this was a hint that Blair will come to her senses that this ‘relationship’ with dan is bull%$##

    • Milou says:

      Also, the GG qoute I spoke about reminded me of an old GG qoute. “When you do finally get what you want, the problem is there’s always someone that’s trying to take it away. And all that wanting makes us blind to the fact that things aren’t exactly what we think they are. Maybe it’s better sometimes to just get what you need.” This was what GG said at the end of episode 16 from season 4. This was when dair just started becoming friends and she was referring to the fact that dan would be what Blair needed at that time (allthough maybe it wasn’t what she wanted at that time). The quote from yesterdays episode however suggests that right now Blair (thinks she) wants Dan, but he isn’t what she needs anymore.. Good also be a good sign for the end of this dair ‘relationship’ (I really don’t want to call it that, lol).

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        I agree and I forgot to mention that last GG voiceover from the ep. It seemed as if intended that Blair thinks she is okay wanting to play a Brooklyn gal and that the fake princess with the pink gown was the denial moment she was still a princess she needed, but truthfully what Chuck did for her made her think about their situation too. In opposition it seems as if in the part they show Chuck receiving a text he is content she thanked him but at the moment the problems with his family and who his real mother is, are worrying him more.

  3. Maya says:

    I just saw the rating for Con heir episode 0.97 …The show is sinking badly with this Dan, and the Dan trying to act all clever about knowing Blair and UES rules is not cute:(

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      IKR? Retcon. Dan is not as popular as Chuck (even Nate is more popular than Dan among fans) and few episodes won’t change people’s minds. Chuck has been awesome this season. And he often trends when he has important scenes on the show. On Monday “Chuck’s” trended (referred to his last scene with the PI) towards the end of the episode.

  4. Anya says:

    God, I hope you’re right! I’m so hoping the one she chooses in the season’s finale is Chuck. Please please please let it be Chuck.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I realized she has chosen everyone but him this year. She’s like running from him because she knows the next time they’ll end up together, they will have to do it right.

  5. DorinaNYP says:

    “…This is not proof but makes me think that if she needs Chuck away when she lives this relationship with Dan, maybe her interest in Dan is not deep. Because if she was over Chuck it would be easy to be around him and don’t feel touched by his words, don’t feel touched by anything anymore – while Blair seems pretty much touched by his words even if were simple words and not about them.”-I agree with u 100% ,thank you for writing this because you made me see some parts that I have misted out due to the fact I was iritated with Blairs reactions..soo thank you 🙂

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I think Blair was too mean. But generally these episodes are illogical, I find it hard to give it a meaning because you can see the retcon job they did to shove BD down our throats as the saving ship (but it didn’t happen).

  6. Laura says:

    any spoilers with Chair for next ep?any scenes together?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I think they’ll share a scene but with the others around them :/ someone said that Serena Nate and Chuck may call DB out of how they are acting at their salon “party”.

  7. I hope everyone is right it’s truly sad to see B act this way i feel like dan is changing her chuck said “blair is changing” and not for the better i know she is scared but she wasnt in 5.10! The thing is i know that chuck hurt her but at the same time he always wanted whats best for her more than anyone in the show. It is clear that he genuinly cares about her happiness thats why he paid the dowry showing out of everyone even serena he cares for her the most. At the same time i understand why he had to do what he did that ended up hurting her he thought their love was stronger its always these external forces which now is dan. The point is after all his been through with his family and all the other issues that made him feel worthless and alone he still chose B & always helped her so i was upset with B and the fact that she rejected him when he needed help dealing with the family issues something that chuck has struggled his entire life. B knows what he went through and still goes through yet she threw him out very mean on her part. When she was with chuck didnt u guys all notice the way he made her feel like a queen while dan is doing the opposite he is making her status go down something that B wont be happy about. It will be chuck in the end bc if i was her i would choose chuck the way he loves her and has for all this time not wanting her to “be anything other than she is” is something dan wont let her be. We all know how threatened dan feels about chuck so he is not willing accept that C is a big part of her ergo not accepting who she really is then she’ll see chuck is the only one who will ever understand her. They are the best couple and im so sad for chuck 2 i mean how much pain must he go through he nearly died 2 times! Being away from B is another death for him poor C. Lets hope for chair reunion strong as ever so we can see them both finally happy

  8. Milou says:

    Don’t know if it’s good or bad, but just read this on Ausiello:

    Question: I’m loving all the Dan/Blair stuff we’re getting right now on Gossip Girl. But can you give us anything about Dan and Georgina’s supposed scene in the finale? – Grace
    Ausiello: LOL!!!!!! Oh, sorry. I’m still laughing at that joke about me possibly being wrong. I crack myself up sometimes. Anywho, I don’t have any intel on Dan/Georgina, but I can tell you that there is huge twist coming that (I have to imagine) will impact the Dan/Blair/Chuck triangle.

    However.. A twist could mean that it will change things up, and considering Blair is with dan right now and not Chuck, this could be good 🙂 The only other explanation is that the twist would strenghten dair, and push her further away from Chuck, but somehow I doubt they would do that..

  9. S says:

    I tottaly agree with what you said and i would like to point out a scene between CB that drew my attention…!!When B meets Chuck at the penthouse, to ask him about the dowry, he tells her at the end of the scene that he wanted her to be free so that she choose the one she wants…and walks away..at that moment,when Chuck was walking away, i noticed blair making two steps towards Chuck like she was meaning “You are the one i choose”!!!!! In my point of view i think that’s a sign from the writers for the future of the show!Chuck and Blair together!!!Hope i’m not wrong! 🙂

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