Friday March 30th Set Reports (Casino scene)

Hi guys, on Friday when they filmed at the Rooswelt Hotel, they let some people in to see Ed and Leighton filming. This is a set report of how their scene went.

SOURCE of the informations.

Hey everyone, I wrote this post yesterday night after watching the Chair scene being filmed, but forgot to post it. Here you go.

Earlier this was filmed as the first scene: Jack & Chuck were talking, laughing & gambling. Then Jack walks away.

Chuck is still playing… then Blair comes up and sits down-and gets her own chips to start playing. He doesn’t look too surprised by her… they talk for a little while- and and she puts her hand on top of his – I am not sure if it was for comfort or affection or both (my guess is that it was both-by the look on her face). Then Chuck shoots a small smile to her and Blair moves her hand away and goes back to playing—while Chuck is still looking at her… she says something else with a side glance to him and then they cut. It was not a very long scene.


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9 thoughts on “Friday March 30th Set Reports (Casino scene)

  1. Laura says:

    good sign or bad?:-?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I think is surely a good sign since C&B will have scenes, but it’s also evident how they let fans in so that they will know they will have scenes and they will tune in to watch the finale… strategic.

  2. Kaisa, Sweden says:

    A scene with Chair, good or bad, is always better than a good Dair scene!

    And btw, it’s about time for CW to announce that there will be a sixth season! I’m starting to get a little worried… especially since Stephanie Savage said that they weren’t writing a series finale this year. How awful wouldn’t it be without a real endning to the best show ever =(

  3. nad says:

    I can’t help but to pray for chair!! Seriously wht happened? They just so perfect together. Anyone with me?

  4. love&chairriage says:

    Dairsaster, I love it! I hope this is a good sign for Chair, but I still really want Blair to get her stuff together and beg for Chuck a bit.

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