Ed and Leighton On Set [fan pics] and Ed walking to the set – March 30th

Yesterday night Ed and Leighton (and apparently Desmond and possibly Kelly, Matthew, Kaylee and Blake/Chace) filmed scenes at the Rooswelt Hotel. I think they did some Casino scenes since there were casting calls for croupiers and people in black tie attire… they let some fans in, which is weird and also desperate because I think they want people to tune in, especially C&B fans given that Ed and Leighton were the only ones spotted on that set and of which we have a “proof”.

Click on the pics to see them bigger!

ETA: added some more thanks to @GossipingBlair on twitter!



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5 thoughts on “Ed and Leighton On Set [fan pics] and Ed walking to the set – March 30th

  1. grace says:

    ‘Ed and Leighton are totally banging behind the scenes’ is my favourite arc on GG. LOL

    And i agree with you. It’s a mix of despair, damage control and a kind of ‘panis et circenses’. They needed to do something because Joshua Safran’s interviews make a horror film seem like a rom com, GG writers blocking CB fans on twitter,criticism, disbelief… It’s an endless list.

  2. Anya says:

    OK. WTF? If these are real upcoming GG scenes why Blair is with Dan, why there still has to be in a “love” triangle in 5×24? This is ridiculous, Dair is ridiculous! Everything on GG after 5×10 doesn’t make sense. Now they want us to see how many Chair scenes they are filming. But she’s still with Dan at the same time. And this is seriously sickening.
    And yes, I also think the GGWs are trolling us, ’cause they need the audience to come back.

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      I agree with you about trolling and make people tune in because the finale seems full of CB scenes. But regarding DB together, we can’t be sure they still are together by then. It could happen they break up by the beginning of the episode or something and Chuck doesn’t know about it (like in 2.25 Nate tells Chuck he broke up with Blair at the prom but he didn’t know).

      • Anya says:

        The leaked script suggests that they are still together. “Sc3 Blair in Pjs, Dan coming from bathroom in a robe”. Then there was something about Dan leaving to Europe “Blair picks up phone. Dan’s agent want him to reconsider Rome”
        and Chuck asking Blair to stay and not go with him “Chuck asks Blair to stay, Lola walks in with Ivy”…

      • `toomuchpurple says:

        That is from ep 23, not 24. And the extended descriptions apparently – such as ‘asks her to go to Rome; Chuck asks her not to go with him’ – were pure speculations of the person who posted the callsheets. If you read closely, it says they discuss Rome but NOT that she says yes. The CB scene is the same, he asks her not to go away from where they are at the moment, not to Rome. The Rome thing should be at the end of the episode and Blair hasn’t given an answer yet.

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