eonline “spoilers”

Danielle: I’m so far past bored with Blair and Humdrum Humphrey right now. Any Chuck-Blair news to keep me interested?

Will you take one half of that pairing and just accept our Gossip Girl scoop on Chuck Bass? You will? How nice of you! Josh Safran tells us that Chuck’s (Ed Westwick) journey for the rest of the season is all about his family. “With Bart [Bass], since he died in season two, we brought him back as a ghost in flashbacks, so that’s in our wheelhouse,” he says. “With Jack [Bass], it’s fun to have Desmond, especially after last year when he and Chuck banded together and made their relationship as right as they could. It’s fun to have him back this year on Chuck’s side. And Chuck’s storyline very much is about family so that’s why you will be seeing more of Jack.”

source: eonline.com

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4 thoughts on “eonline “spoilers”

  1. Nichole says:

    I am happy for Chuck! At least he is learning about his family which should make him feel a sense of who is and where he comes from. I think this is an important step in his journey this season. And because of that I am glad (and please don’t be mad at me) he isn’t with Blair for this part of his journey. As much as I want Chuck and Blair together, I don’t think he would have been able to find what he seeks in knowing his family if he were with Blair. Now, when they finally get together he will know his family and don’t have to have a need to find out who is so Chuck and Blair can focus on each other…as a couple!

  2. Milou says:

    lol.. she asked for info on chair to keep her interested.. this doesn’t help..

  3. kalinesska says:

    heh.., it seems like smeone answered completly different question.

  4. Anya says:

    That’s Safran’s way of saying “No Chair this season”. Safran trying to cushion the blow by answering a completely different question? “NO Chair but hey! we’ll be seeing more Jack. And Dair. Rejoice!”

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