TVLine interview with Josh Safran

The countdown to the Gossip Girl finale begins Monday when the CW soap returns with the first of seven all-new episodes. Below, showrunner Josh Safran gives TVLine a sneak peek at what’s going down on the Upper East Side as the season draws to a close (hint: a ton).


TVLINE | Dan and Blair go public with their romance in “Salon of the Dead” on April 16. What obstacles do they face beyond that?
The obstacles are always going to be that Dan knows just how big of a presence Chuck has been in Blair’s life. And that’s something Blair works very hard to put Dan at ease about, but I think the harder she works at putting Dan at ease about that the more uneasy he feels. And, obviously, their relationship is hard for everybody around them because Serena was and maybe still is in love with Dan. And Chuck has his issues that he’s dealing with. And whenever Chuck is dealing with issues, Blair often wants to help.

TVLINE | Is Louis no longer a factor?
He is no longer a factor.

TVLINE | So Georgina takes care of that situation?
The situation will be taken care of. I’m not sure it’s ultimately Georgina who takes care of it.

TVLINE | If Ivy loved having a family so much, why is she alienating the Van der Woodsens? What’s her endgame?
She definitely still wants to be a part of the family. But she’s upset because no matter what she has tried to do they don’t except her. So, at this point, she feels like she has nothing left to prove because they’re not going to accept her anyway, so she’s just going to look out for herself.

TVLINE | Is Serena the new Gossip Girl?
I don’t want to say because Monday’s episode is very much about that struggle for Serena. But it’s like the Ring and Frodo. That’s how we looked at that story.

TVLINE | It feels like the storyline is building to you revealing the identity of the real Gossip Girl. Is it?
This storyline is something we did not tread lightly about. We knew if we were going to open this door we had to see it through. And we will be seeing it through.

TVLINE | So we will find out who Gossip Girl is this season?
I’m not going to comment on that. But we are seeing the story through.

TVLINE | What else will Serena be up to in these final episodes?
Serena definitely has been feeling a little powerless this season, whether it’s losing Dan to Blair or losing her job that she cared about with David O. Russell, and then the Spectator. She’s going to [try to] gain her power back and be the Serena van der Woodsen she once was. Whether that means transitioning out of being an “It Girl” and being a creator of “It Girls,” or whether that means stealing her spotlight back you’ll have to watch and see.

TVLINE | Is it fair to say the season finale will revolve around Blair making a choice between Dan and Chuck.
It doesn’t revolve around that. That triangle definitely comes to the end point. But the episode revolves around Serena quite heavily. It’s a very huge turning point for Serena — probably the biggest one she’s had since Season 1.

TVLINE | Does the episode end with a cliffhanger?
Oh, it ends with many cliffhangers. We always try to make our finales really exciting and juicy and fun. But in this one, it’s like a bomb gets detonated and levels everything.

TVLINE | So you’re feeling pretty confident about a sixth season?

TVLINE | A report surfaced that The CW may only renew the show for 13 episodes.
I can’t comment on that because I don’t have an answer. That remains to be seen. But we are not closing out this season with a series finale.



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7 thoughts on “TVLine interview with Josh Safran

  1. adikobih says:

    “That triangle definitely comes to the end point.” Does this means Blair has chosen Dan over Chuck??!! That sucks! Why must DB stays until ep 20 :(:(:(

  2. Nichole says:

    There’s another interview with Safran that I just read this morning and he says the triangle will definitely end in the season finale. LOL I tell you…this show knows how to drag something out doesn’t it? Of course, he doesn’t give any details about who Blair choses, but it is safe to say we are stuck with Donut and Blair for at least that long. ~sigh~ :-/

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Yeah, I think it will drag until the finale :/ He said after the 100th ep that Blair would made a choice in ep 5.17 and that could change at the end of the season. I really hope that it will end in our favor because her choosing Dan AGAIN when she already chose him would be stupid. What the episodes from 18 to the finale would be for, then? It’s been 3 years C&B haven’t got a chance together and now they deserve it.

  3. grace says:

    And it seems that every interview just gets worse. Only a giant DEUS EX MACHINA to put things in their proper places and save Gossip Girl because while Joshua Safran is in charge nothing will efect. Neither Chuck and Blair trending topic worldwide on twitter, nor fandom criticism (or criticism in general), lousy ratings, Cecily Von Ziegesar, fan essays… Nothing, nothing at all will efect.

  4. Kay says:

    Lately Safran’s interviews are so pro-dair that i’m beginning to get worried that we are going to go into season 6 with this dairbacle (debacle). This is really starting to get on my nerves!

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      He likes them and it’s not secret. I also think he also is promoting what is on the show right now, which is not CB. Well, he wanted BD and now he’ll pay the conscequences of his failure.

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