5.18 Con Heir – SNEAK PEAK


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5 thoughts on “5.18 Con Heir – SNEAK PEAK

  1. love&chairriage says:

    Hmmm… We still don’t know that Jack was definitely the donor and not Diana right? I can’t tell if he was just playing coy and acting like it was no big deal or if he really wasn’t the person who donated the blood. Judging by info from upcoming episodes, I’m assuming that he wasn’t the real donor…

  2. Chair Love says:

    oh I am going to enjoy this JUCK stuff I always enjoy chuck jack interaction it is so funny

  3. adikobih says:

    I think it was Diana. Jack forgot about the accident when Chuck mentioned about saving his life.

    Looks like a good episode sans DB scenes. I will skip DB sex scenes, those will be the yuckiest scenes ever in GG.

  4. Anya says:

    My guess is she’s Bart’s sister or smth. Hope she’s not his MOTHER. Would make no sense since that lady from season 3 made it clear she was Chuck’s real mother before she left town! But then again, the GGW and their logic…………. :-/

  5. mar says:

    spoiler alert! someone spotted Bart Bass on the set. rumor has it he’s coming back and he was the one who donated blood… as for 5×18 – everyone who’s not sure whether to watch it or not, should watch canadian promo first… warning – it’s disgusting.

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