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Gunderson: Anything on Gossip Girl?! I’d prefer something on Chuck and Blair if you have it.
This may or may not apply: A source tells me Chuck is going to try to find out who donated blood when he was in the hospital, and my Spidey senses tell me that could lead to an interesting reveal. If it’s Blair, could be a good thing for Chuck and Blair fans. Though I’m guessing it’s not.

source: eonline.com

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7 thoughts on “eonline Spoiler Chat

  1. BlairGirlNo1 says:

    I guess Kristin hasn’t watched 5.17 yet, Lily clearly tells Chuck that Jack donated the blood. Stupid girl!

  2. why always nothing about CHUCK AND BLAIR!!!!!!!!! fuck

  3. grace says:

    Thanks for nothing, Kristin.

  4. M. says:

    The story of blood donation is absolutely SHIT. I’m sorry to be so rude, but it doesn’t make sense. You don’t need a relative for blood, and it’s not such a big deal. Have they ever seen an episode of E.R.???
    This is what I dislike most about the authors: not the soap-opera story lines, not the dair staff, not even the incapacity to give to Chuck a Blair a SL as a couple. What I hate is that they don’t care about what they’re writing, as long as the show is running. Do they really think so little of us???

  5. Karolina says:

    This spoiler is so lame…We don´t have good Chair spoilers because nothing intersting it`s going to happened.
    Chuck and Blair are not going to be together anytime soon, if we have luck next season.Season 5 is the worst season ever. I just want to forget that this season existed…

    • Laura says:

      i know everything is destroyed right now but have hope…for Chair because i really think they will end up together…we have to be there for them..remember the words blair told to chuck when bart died…we will stand by them through anything!

  6. Annalino says:

    3 words: fuck you kristin ^__^

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