VIDEO: Ed and Leighton On Set – March 5th


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hey, you! Thank you for stopping by. I'm Tweety, and I am a girl who loves writing, reading, and watching stuff on TV and write reviews about it. I currently study languages (English and Spanish) @ University here where I live in Italy. I dream to become a teacher or something more impossible, like a writer. For the moment I only write stories on my laptop and review a lot of books. Speaking of which, I'm really into YA despite I am not a teenager anymore, and if you have suggestions, I am always open to hear your book advice! :D

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ed and Leighton On Set – March 5th

  1. Lauren says:

    I wonder if they get sick of just walking to limos & getting into them over & over again. XD

  2. Ailina says:

    I wonder what they really do inside the limo =)

  3. Gossip Girl xoxo says:

    I hope that they repeat the limo scene from “Victor, Victrola”…xD CHAIR FOREVER<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  4. AdoreCB says:

    Can anyone understand what they say ?

  5. Laura says:

    Finally Leighton is looking like Blair again 🙂 At least in this episode she can wear nice clothes…

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