March 6th Set Reports

Yesterday night Ed and Leighton (and Desmond aka uncle Jack) were filming in a castle in Yonkers. Some people were there and reported what they saw. Plus, they also saw Ed and Leighton buying cupcakes in a shop nearby and canoodling in the car while they were eating them. Don’t know if this looks promising or not! But it’s something to look forward to.

I know I am about to exaggerate heavily right now but I helped film the episode. LOL that was incredible. So I have let me break it down for you guys. I was taking notes and may or may not have a video for you. They filmed this at night.

Second unit (aka backgound aka extras) were all wearing formal wear. The extent of there interaction was walking behind the main players in the scene. There were about 20 to 30 of them- most of them coupled up or in a family type group.

Blair was wearing a cream colored trenchcoat with a light colored dress underneath.
Chuck was wearing a black suit with a long black jacket. As was his uncle.

The scenes were set up as follows:

  • The first shot of them was walking out of the castle towards the limo. Chuck is on his cell trying to reach someone. Blair comes towards him and chuck turns his cell off and then begins to speak to Blair. They are standing about an arms length apart and Blair is looking dazed and upset. She is ignoring him (obviously upset about something). He asks “did you reach Serena?” Blair doesn’t respond. Chuck then yells, “Blair!” And she responds with a (what I call frustrated) sounding “no I didn’t… (trails off) I couldn’t hear them when as they went into their lower voices and I can’t read lips well- but I do know she did say “Dan” at one point- looking upset. Chuck grabs her hand and she walks away, pulling her hand away slowly… to leave Chuck looking towards the church he does not glance back at her… and they do not kiss.
  • Then there was a quick scene between Blair and Chuck’s uncle (why can’t I ever remember his name- Jack?) where she looks equally pissed off and upset. And it actually seems as though that Jack was trying to comfort her… But I could have misread. The only lines I got from that scene is “Blair…”

Oh boy… Ed looked sexy and Leighton looked beautiful. Oh and no Georgina.

I just want to clarify it didn’t look like Blair was angry at Chuck. Just dazed, confused, and like she didn’t want to deal with anyone at the moment. I mean she didn’t really even care when he asked about Serena…

Chuck looked so forlorn after Blair walked away from during that scene.



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4 thoughts on “March 6th Set Reports

  1. Laura says:

    i really don’t understand very well…all the beautiful pictures mean nothing to CHAIR?…they were happy as Ed and Leigh or as Chuck and Blair?

    • `toomuchpurple says:

      Well she only talks about yesterday’s set and Leighton had the beige coat. I have no idea if it was EL the day before that were all smiley, or CB. But I think both because they smiled when they were filming the scene.

  2. Soleil says:

    This girl Eileen better be telling the truth.

  3. S says:

    All this information confuse me…!!!I hope that something good happens between Chair!! ❤

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